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Xcaret Festival of Life and Death Traditions 2011



Last Wednesday, November 2, the Day of the Dead in Mexico, I had the opportunity to attend the Xcaret Festival of Life and Death Traditions. This is a colorful festival that celebrates Day of the Dead traditions. What I love about the Day of the Dead (el Dia de los Muertos in Spanish) is that it is a day to remember, honor, and celebrate our loved ones who have passed on. I also love that it is so colorful and visual and that death suddenly becomes, well, cheerful! Just look at the lovely lady below!


Una Catrina


I went to the festival with a friend and her two sons. We were all very excited. Just a few minutes after arriving her older son lead us to the entrance of a path. We followed him and it ended up being a damp (it rained on and off) 45 minute walk through the jungle and underground caves with two strollers.


Where the hell are we?


We decided the children wouldn’t decide which way we would go anymore.

Luckily while we were lost in the jungle they did get to see some monkeys, deer and jaguars, but I was there to cover the festival for work…so we needed to check out some dead stuff!

We headed to the cemetery which is so cool, but it was filled with people and because of the way it is built, you have to view it in a single file line and the line was moving SLOWLY. By the end we were ready to kill someone, but I did get some good pictures.





The cemetery is raised, so there is a great view from the top.




When we finally escaped from the cemetery, we had some dead bread (pan de muertos) and then we ran into a friend who was dressed like Catrina. Fun! Bebé didn’t recognize her but I found her in a crowded room full of people!


Catrina or Kelly?


We didn’t stay for much longer. It was now dark and the park was packed. (They had to cancel the first two days of the festival because of “Hurricane” Rita.) Plus Bebé had grown tired of riding in his stroller AND of walking. He wanted my friend’s son to carry him.



Here are a few more pictures…







The festival was very cool and I’m excited that I finally got to go. Hopefully I’ll have the opportunity again next year. You must go if you ever have the chance.




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