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Daycare in Cancun, Mexico


I have talked about The Daycare Dilemma before,  I’m sure every mother struggles with leaving their child in the care of another, especially at first, and doing it in a foreign country can make it even more difficult. However, I have had a really positive experience here in Cancun.

Bebé’s first daycare was very small, and in general I loved it. There was one lady that was kind of a metiche (interfering, meddling) you know, the kind that tells you for instance what or how to feed your child. However, other than that and the fact that it had very restricted hours, it was a nice place. I felt my son liked going there and that they took good care of him. However it closed in a very odd way and we had to find a new daycare.

The new daycare has been great as well. It is much larger and they are only closed two days a year and open early and close late. Bebé is with Papi on weekday mornings and then goes to daycare from 11:30am until 6:30pm which is wonderful since many kids have to go 9-10 hours a day. He loves going and always seems very happy there. I hate to say it but he is better behaved there than he is at home! Another thing I love is that two of the children that went to his old daycare are also there.

The daycare recently had a Day of the Dead/Halloween party. Here are a few pictures. My son wouldn’t wear the hat and I was at work so I couldn’t to paint his face. (Who am I kidding he never would have let me do that?!) However, I’m sure he enjoyed the fiesta since there was a piñata (he is obsessed with them) and chicken nuggets.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that daycare is CHEAP in Mexico. We pay less than the equivalent of 200 US Dollars per MONTH (Yes moms…not per week, per month!) and an inscription fee of less than the equivalent of 300 US Dollars a year.







  1. If you had your sweet boy in a daycare in Mexico, Florida, or Monte Carlo there would be a “metiche” (that’s Spanish for “Harpy No-it-all”, right?) telling you how to feed your kid!

  2. I think daycare is good for kids .. they learn to share with other kids.

  3. I love his look of awe when staring at the piñata hahaha

  4. I would like to move to Cancun and I’m so concern about my little one. Searching for a good day care should be difficult :S

  5. Hello,
    My wife and I are considering moving to the Cancun area starting late summer (2013) and we have three young children — one will be in 1st grade, but the other two are daycare age. We were concerned about daycare in Cancun (but encouraged by your experiences!) and were wondering if you could please recommend a few specific ones, since it is hard to find information about actual Cancun daycares online. PM or email would be ok if you do find time to reply. Thanks so much for your blog!

  6. Hi there! I am currently looking for a daycare in the Cancun Area for my 2 year old! My husband works for a resort and I will be heading back to work in another month. I was born and raised in the states, so as you can imagine I am as worried as you first were when putting your son in daycare. Could you please provide me with any recommendations in daycare!
    Thank you!

  7. Hi, I’m going to Isla Mujeres with my 20 mo grandson, on a 5 day vacation Aug 30- Sept 4. Does anyone know a babysitter or Mother’s helper that could watch him for a few hours for a few days, to give me a break? I would be there all the time, just want to relax a bit from chasing him around! Teenager ok, Spanish-speaking fine.

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