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The Treatment of Circus Animals: Is it OK to go to the Circus?


The circus is in town, and what parent doesn’t want to take their kid to the circus? I mean, how else is Bebé supposed to see an elephant? Cancun doesn’t have a zoo and we won’t be visiting Africa anytime soon, so, the circus it is. We went to the 6:00pm Saturday show (in Mexico everything is PACKED on Sundays) after the torrential rains let up.


My little Spartan wonders when they will let us into the circus tent.






I spent 400 pesos (30 usd) to sit in the palco or box seats so we would have a front row seat and avoid the crowds. I wasn’t going to buy any of the plastic crap they sell, but then a man came and put a fabulous balloon right in Bebé’s hand. At least it was only 20 pesos (1.50 usd).


When does the circus start Mommy?

The circus started with loud music, darkness, flashing lights, and eight HUGE (and I mean HUGE) tigers coming out into the ring. At this point there was a wire barrier up. Bebé was scared, and to tell you the truth, so was I. I must have seen only seen wimpy miniature tigers in my life, because I could not believe how big and scary looking these tigers were. Of course, as well as scared, I instantly felt sad. These tigers should be running around in nature somewhere, they shouldn’t locked up in a cage. I found it strange and unnatural that eight HUGE tigers did not eat their one small Mexican trainer.


circo atayde

Lots of huge tigers.


After the tiger part was over, the wire barrier came down and the circus was underway! We saw clowns, horses, camels, acrobats and monkeys. No elephant.


There were three of these beautiful horses.


This chica was very bendy.


I have absolutely no idea how these people pulled this off.


Cool glow in the dark ninja acrobats.


It is really hard to take pictures of the circus. These were the best of many many blurry ones.

This circus would have been fine without the animals. Everytime they came out I was excited, yet sad, and again, a little scared. It would have been easy for one of those huge horses to jump the barrier and crush us. All of the trainers had a whip and a stick. A friend later explained to me that the animals are afraid of the whip because they’ve probably been hit with it before, and that the other stick actually gives them an electric shock. I have no reason not to believe her.

The saddest part of all was intermission. The brought out a baby tiger (ok fine it was totally cute but still) and a gorgeous horse and people had their pictures taken with them. I actually felt a little sick.


Notice how the horsey's head is tied down.


All in all, it was a great evening because my Bebé was an angel and we had a great time together, just he and I…

…but I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to go to the circus again.



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