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My Day at Xplor Adventure Park in Cancun


Xplor is an ecoadventure park and it isn’t actually in Cancun. It’s located in the Riviera Maya just south of Playa del Carmen. I had the privilege of being invited on a famtrip (familiarization trip) for work. My day in one word…WOW!

The trip was based on a contest that Xplor is holding right now in Mexico to name the caveman stuffed animal that is in this picture with us.


We can't wait to get started!


Here he is again.


We started the day with, of course, the highest, longest zipline circuit. Nothing like easing into things…not! It was really amazing (but difficult to get good pictures of) and you have to be athletic, this place is not for couch potatoes. You had to climb up to every zipline. I have always been pretty afraid of heights but the guides (dressed in their sexy gear and aviator shades…bonus) don’t give you time for second thoughts. They hook you up and say “Adios!”


On our way to the ziplines.


After doing both zipline circuits, which included a waterslide and 13 ziplines, some with a water landing, we needed a snack. They have the most amazing smoothies and cookies available. The “Zipline” or “Tirolesa” was the best smoothie. YUM! You need energy when you are visiting Xplor!

Next it was time to tour an underground river in our one or two person rafts. We had a row boat at our cottage when I was growing up so navigation was no problem for me! The paddles go on your hands. So much fun!




Goofing off!


It still wasn’t time to rest. The next activity was swimming an underground river. It was almost 400 meters long, very fresh and cool, and beautiful! The stalactites and stalagmites were breathtaking. There was a family who was talking (yelling) non-stop, but I managed to swim ahead for some quiet time. The swim is finished when you swim under a roaring waterfall.

Time to eat! The buffet restaurant was very good. Most items were quite natural and healthy although I did catch a glimpse of hamburgers, hot dogs and soft drinks. The garlic mushrooms were a highlight.

Now that we were kind of dry (damp) it was time to Xplor (Get it?) the jungle in an amphibious vehicle. I was fine with riding, one of the other girls wanted to drive.


Time for a little off-roading.


Enough instructions...time to pose for another picture!


We are SO outta here...


We had a blast in this thing and we only hit two trees.


We were briefly detained during our ride when a vehicle broke down. No biggie…we just took more pictures!


Another picture with our mascot.


The only thing I can complain about is that I was wet all day, but it was only one day, and it was well worth it.

I would suggest water shoes to anyone who is going to visit Xplor. I wore flip-flops and it was fine, but I had to put them on my wrists for the ziplining and swimming. I improvised with clothes as well. I wore Papi’s board shorts which were way too big. They would have been perfect had they fit properly. I wouldn’t suggest wearing only a bikini because I saw a girl with some pretty nasty chafing from the zipline harness.

I was really impressed with Xplor’s safety standards. It’s extreme-ish adventure…it’s safe. I can’t wait until Bebé is old enough to go.

Thanks Xplor! I LOVED IT!



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