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Our Weekend at the Cancun Cup 2012


Last weekend I had to cover a beach soccer tournament, the Cancun Cup 2012 for work. I wasn’t really that excited about it, except for the fact that it would mean getting out of the office for a few hours on Friday afternoon, but I was pleasantly surprised. It was a total blast and I loved it. I took Bebé on Saturday and went with Papi, Bebé and a bunch of friends on Sunday.

I won’t bore you with the game details. You can see that here.


Beach Soccer Worldwide

I was pretty excited on the first day.


Beach Soccer

My credential. Whoo-hoo! Little ol' me and Fox Sports.


Beach Soccer Worldwide

The temporary stadium was pretty impressive, and what a view!


Beach Soccer Worldwide

C'mon, everyone likes the Corona Girls.


Beach Soccer Worldwide

Here they are again. They would pose for me which is more than I can say for the soccer players.


Beach Soccer Worldwide

My bubba and the goalie from the US team.


Beach Soccer Worldwide

He did well in the bleachers because Mommy brought popcorn. Smart Mommy.


Beach Soccer Worldwide

Bebé gets popcorn, Mommy gets beer.


The third day was the most fun, although it was the hardest day to actually get my work done because my family and friends where there. Plus I drank a lot more beer that day. The crowd was larger than it had been the two previous days which made it louder and more exciting. The final game was Mexico vs. USA. My friend brought paint for the boys faces and Bebé had a Mexico shirt on. Photographers came over to take pictures of them and my boss saw Bebé on TV!


Beach Soccer Worldwide

Day 3, Papi came with!


Beach Soccer Worldwide

Someone had fun...and Mexico won the tournament!


Beach Soccer Worldwide

Viva Mexico!




  1. I’d totally forgotten about the tournament and we made other plans for the weekend. I was so mad at myself on Saturday when I realized we couldn’t go!

    Hopefully they’ll do it again next year 🙂

    • Oh yeah I think you guys would have really liked it. Right now they are planning on doing it next year. I really hope they do…fingers crossed!

  2. WOW .. sounds like a blast ..

  3. Wow, I am a HUGE soccer fan and would have LOVED it!! Hubby and I were away for the weekend but came back on Sunday!! Shoot!

    I’d love your job…LOL!!!

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