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Mamá’s Food Frustration


It has been awhile since I posted something that didn’t have a lot to do with Mexico, and had more to do with me as a mommy and all of the challenges that come with the job. I have something that I need to get off of my (shrunken and deflated since I stopping breast feeding) chest.

Let me make my Mommy Disclaimer first: I LOVE my Bebé. He is the best thing that ever happened to me. He is smart and cute and affectionate and I miss him desperately whenever I am not with him. Now, on to the frustration…

um, my kid only eats like 4 things!



Yes, he likes everything sweet like cookies and candy and he loves yogurt and crackers and cereal and baby carrots and popcorn but I am talking about dinner food. Most of the 4 things he likes aren’t even good for you. His number one favorite food is chicken nuggets. Great. I feel especially good about this after seeing all those pink slime reports. He also likes french fries. Shocking I know. Let’s move on… fish sticks. I originally bought them because I was desperate for him to eat something different and since they look similar to chicken nuggets I figured he’d eat them. He did. He does eat spaghetti with sauce, the good kind of mixed colored spaghetti, not the all white kind. Although this is my one shining light at the end of the tunnel, I have tried to sneak things in like ground beef but no dice, he freaked out and refused to eat it. He ate quesadillas for awhile (On whole wheat tortillas!) but I think I depended on them a little too much and he got sick of them.

Every time I make something new, IF he tries it, he definitely doesn’t like it. It’s so depressing for a girl who doesn’t love to cook in the first place and isn’t great at it (ask my husband).  Last week I made tuna nuggets, baked not fried. He looked at them “Chicken!” he exclaimed. He sunk his teeth in and a terrible disappointed look came over his face and a sound something like “Blaaaaaa.” came out of his mouth. The tuna nugget came out of his mouth too.




Thank God for daycare. He eats tuna nuggets there, and rice and beans, and all kinds of Mexican food that a gringa like me has never heard of.

My mom says, “Just give him what he likes,” and someone once told me, “No kid goes off to college eating only chicken nuggets,” but then I saw a girl on the news who did.




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