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My Bebé on Isla Mujeres


A week ago last Sunday we took another trip to Isla Mujeres. As usual it was because we had some friends visiting, and Isla is just the perfect place for a day trip.

As we went on our usual picture taking rounds, I thought about how many times my Bebé has taken this day trip in his 2 years and 6 months. According to my calculations it is 6 times. Then I started thinking about how different he must look in the pictures from the first trip compared to the pictures from the most recent trip.

1st Trip – with my bro, his beloved uncle

Waiting for the ferry…so little!


cancun day trips


Love this one…


malecon Isla Mujeres





2nd trip – with great friends from Chicago

We had the perfect day.


Garrafon Isla Mujeres


And this is the perfect picture! He’s grown a bit.


Garrafon Park


3rd Trip –  with BFF and her husband

Group picture while waiting for the ferry…


ferry Isla Mujeres


PLEASE look at the camera!



4th Trip –  with great friends from Wisconsin

Another perfects shot. Difficult to take bad pictures here.



Practicing for parenthood!


Ixchel Isla Mujeres


5th Trip – Grammy’s here!

He was happy about it even though he doesn’t look like it here. He’s looking huge too.



6th Trip (last week) – Great friends from Wisconsin are back and they brought more friends with them.

Yeah definitely huge now. Weighs a ton too.



This was the first time I didn’t hold him on the golf cart. In fact he wanted to ride in the other one! (we got two)


family Isla Mujeres


My Bebé sure has grown. We are so lucky that he is healthy and safe, but why is looking at baby pictures always a little bittersweet for a mommy?



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