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Cancun Gay Pride Parade


When I found out Cancun was going to have it’s very own Gay Pride Parade, I was really excited, and immediately decided that I would take Bebé. I want him to grow up knowing that being gay is fine, whether he turns out to be gay or not.

Now I am pretty spoiled when it comes to gay pride parades, I have attended the Chicago version many times over, and it is amazing…thousands of people attend, the floats, music, decorations and costumes are amazing, and except for a few religious freaks with signs that say disgusting things, it is a day of love, acceptance and well, pride.

So last Saturday Bebé and I strolled over to Plaza Toros, just a couple of blocks from our house to see the parade off. The idea was for participants and spectators to make their way to Parque las Palapas, but I had decided to walk with the parade until the entrance of Cancun’s new malecon (walkway along the lagoon), so we could check it out. However, when we arrived at Plaza Toros, I didn’t really see anything…hmmm…had the parade been cancelled? Then as I made my way around the plaza I saw a couple of cars with pride flags and balloons on them.  A-ha, so the parade was on after all…but hmmm…Bebé and I were the only spectators.




Cancun Pride


Pride Parade Cancun


Gay Pride Parade Cancun 2012


Cancun Gay Pride 2012


Mexico Gay Pride Parades


Transvestites Cancun


The parade was fun and cheerful, and as we walked next to it, my eyes filled with tears as I thought of gay friends, family members, and people I don’t even know who still have to deal with hatred, violence, bullying and often times even rejection from their own friends and family members. I was also inspired by their strength, joy and bravery.

It was time for us to turn off and check out Cancun’s new malecon, so we waved good-bye to the colorful parade and headed down the long boulevard towards the lagoon. It’s quite a stroll, and as I looked up from scanning the ground for crocodiles due to a warning sign posed at the entrance, I saw people running towards us. It had started to rain…hard. So I turned around and started to run too. I stopped and gave Bebé (who was in his stroller) the umbrella and decided that running would now be in vain. I got completely and totally soaked as we made our way back to Plaza Toros, and decided to have a huge mango michelada from Las de Guanatos while we waited out the rain.


Las de Guanatos Cancun


I will remember my first Cancun Pride fondly. Getting soaked didn’t put a damper on our afternoon, and it didn’t wash away the seed I planted.


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