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Cancun Interactive Aquarium


A couple of weeks ago Bebé and I went to the Cancun Interactive Aquarium in Plaza La Isla in the Hotel Zone on a Saturday afternoon. This is a small aquarium and it’s a great place take the kid(s) for an hour or two. The price is right for locals…70 pesos. And Bebé was free!

I didn’t  take the time to read about what was in each tank, but the information is there if you want to (can) take the time.


aquarium Cancun


Cancun Interactive Aquarium


Some of the tanks have little boxes for kids to stand on. Bebé loved that.


children's activities Cancun


The jellyfish were way cool, but my pictures of them weren’t. After exploring the indoor area, we headed to the outdoor section. This tank had rays and sea turtles in it. You could touch the rays but Bebé didn’t want anything to do with that!


activities Cancun


Then there is an area where you can watch people swimming with dolphins. Little did I know that soon after our visit to the aquarium we would get the opportunity to swim with dolphins as well! Post coming soon…


Cancun aquarium


Next, it was time for the dolphin show, which was the real reason we went. I had seen it before Bebé was born, and thought it was pretty cool, but it is really short now. They want you to get in line 30 minutes before it starts and the show only lasts 15 minutes. Bebé enjoyed it though. It opened with a sea lion that did a lot of cute tricks. And I cannot believe how high dolphins can jump out of the water!


dolphin show aquarium Cancun


As we walked back to the parking garage, Bebé got a free balloon and I took some photos of him. We love Cookie Monster!


kids activities Cancun


The money shot…


activities Cancun




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