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Our Day at Dolphin Discovery & Garrafon Park, Isla Mujeres


Garrafon Park Cancun


A couple of weeks ago Papi, Bebé and I got the opportunity to swim with the dolphins at Dolphin Discovery on Isla Mujeres AND go to Garrafon Park.

It was a little cloudy when we left the marina at 9 am, so I was a little worried about the weather, it is rainy season after all, but as we crossed the choppy waters to Isla Mujeres and Papi and Bebé got greener and greener (they both get motion sickness) the sky got bluer and bluer. By the time we reached the Dolphin Discovery complex it was a beautiful, clear sunny day. Whew!

The first thing we had to do was get a locker, store our stuff, and put on life jackets. Then there was a short, simple orientation and we headed for the dock. I had a bad feeling about Bebé. I thought he would probably be afraid to get in the water with the dolphins, and I was right! So, Mami had to stay on the dock with him. He was very excited about watching Papi and the dolphins though…we were very close to them. He eventually did that awesome 2  year old thing: he wanted to get in the water, he wanted to get out of the water, he wanted to get in the water, etc. Anyway, Dolphin Discovery was very nice and understanding and arranged for me to participate in the next swim.


royal swim dolphin discovery


swim with the dolphins Isla Mujeres


swim with the dolphins Mexico


The experience was really amazing. I have never been sure about it…the dolphins live in captivity…kinda reminded me of circus animals. However, it wasn’t sad or creepy at all. The dolphins seem happy, joyful even, and healthy. They are kept in a huge area (of the Caribbean Sea, not a pool) and they are all together. In addition, Dolphin Discovery dolphins are not captured, they are born and raised in captivity. Check their Facebook page for adorable newborn dolphins! They have a great affection for their trainers and vice versa. Their strength is amazing! Part of our program included a foot push, where two dolphins push you up and out of the water by your feet (think waterskiing on their noses). “WOW!” is all I had to say after my turn!


Dolphin Discovery Cancun


royal swim Dolphin Discovery


After my swim was over I was exhausted and starving, so we headed for Garrafon Park. Dolphin Discovery even gave us a ticket for a taxi since we had missed the transportation. I have always wanted to conquer the zipline, so after I asked for details (10 bucks extra but you got a printed picture and 3 pictures on a disc…great deal) we headed straight for the food. This place is gorgeous! The views are amazing!


Isla Mujeres


We missed the buffet restaurant somehow, and as we headed down the the bar/snack bar (more my speed anyway) I heard someone yelling, “Hey, I read your blog!” This has never happened to me before. I have a fan! Haha And now my fan is my friend. We hung out with her (and her husband and adorable kids) all afternoon…

The boys…



The girls…



except for when I sneaked away to do the zipline. Score! There was no line….just me, the nice zip line boys, and the aqua blue Caribbean Sea.


zip line Cancun


zip line Garrafon


I’m ready to do it again!

When the park closed we walked down the dock to board the boat and said adios to beautiful Garrafon Park.

The boat ride home was fun. After Papi and Bebé’s nap…



we watched the tourists party like rock stars.

This was a day we won’t soon forget.



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