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Christmas in Cancun 2012


IMG_0407 [SW]


I haven’t posted since October? Wow.

Ho ho ho! It was a Merry Christmas in Cancun this year. Once you are an adult, having a child always makes Christmas more fun and meaningful.

We started out Christmas 2012 on Saturday with Bebé’s daycare’s Christmas festival. His class had to dress like Santa Claus. One word: CUTE. Their performance was adorable and Bebé did almost all of the choreography.


IMG_0394 [SW]


IMG_0413 [SW]


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On Sunday evening, we went to the Palacio Municipal on Tulum Avenue to check out the festivities. I was really surprised to find a skating rink there.




Bebé had refused to pose with any and all Santas that we had run into in the days leading up to Christmas, but he agreed to get close to this one (if Mommy came with).




We also checked out the games and he went on few rides.




IMG_0455 [SW]


The Christmas “tree” was really pretty.




On Christmas Eve Bebé opened a few of his gifts and we had popcorn and ice cream for dinner while watched the Christmas shows I loved as a child. (I ordered them on DVD.) Most of them are still a little sophisticated for Bebé but he really enjoyed Frosty the Snowman and watched it multiple times. We’ll try to watch the others again next year. 🙂

Christmas morning was wonderful. Bebé is now old enough to discover the pile of gifts in the living room and really understand… he shouted, “Mira!” (Look!)


IMG_0478 [SW]

IMG_0479 [SW]


Later in the day we went to my friend’s house for Christmas dinner just like we did last year. My friend is a wonderful cook and as she slaved over the hot oven all I had to do was drink wine and cuddle their cute baby boy. Tough life!

Christmas is over now but we’ll leave the decorations up until January 7 in order to enjoy them during New Year’s and el Día de los Reyes.


  1. The kids look adorable! You better watch out .. looks like he has a girlfriend!

  2. What a wonderful story.

    Christmas is definitely one of my favorite times of the year.

    I love how most of the people are in a friendly mood and families get together to enjoy each others company.

    I’m glad you and Bebe had a good Christmas.


  3. He looks just like you!

  4. My nephew is your son’s age and he too is discovering what all those presents under the tree mean. So cute when children start to get excited about the holiday season.

    • It sure is Charlotte. I hope to create wonderful Christmas memories and traditions for Malcolm. I have such lovely memories of my childhood Christmases.

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