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Maybe I should just start naming my Isla Mujeres posts #1, #2, etc.!

Last Sunday Bebé and I went to visit a friend that lives on Isla Mujeres part-time (Tough life huh?) In fact you may recognize this friend as the “fan” that I met on a visit to Parque Garrfon a few months back.

The nice thing about this visit was that we went to different places than we normally do. Sorry, this post has a lot of pictures, but I couldn’t narrow it down any more!

The boat ride is always fun, as I told a friend the other day, it’s breathtaking every single time.

Bebé, Buzz and Woody waiting for the boat…


boat to Isla Mujeres



Ultramar port Puerto Juarez



boat to Isla Mujeres



Cancun water


It’s sunny, better put on my (Papá’s) shades!


boat to Isla Mujeres


My friend picked us up at the ferry dock and after a drive around the island and a quick visit to beautiful Punta Sur, we headed to Zama Beach Club.


Isla Mujeres beach club



Isla Mujeres beach club



Isla Mujeres Zama


We had considered Zama for the big 50th birthday bash in September, but I had never been there. It’s a cool place. The food is good, the facilities are great (pools, beach beds, restrooms, showers, changing rooms). Fancy people come from Cancun, dock their boats, and spend the day there. Oh, and I was mistaken for Kristen Johnston from 3rd Rock from the Sun by some tourists. Fun times!


Zama Isla Mujeres



pomegranate daiquiri



Zama Isla Mujeres



mango  pomegranate daiquiri Zama


After we finished taking tons of pictures (we were pretty excited about our daiquiris) we met this nice couple from the US and chatted with them for ages while enjoying ceviche (yum, forgot to take a picture). Then we headed to Fenix for the Sunday afternoon Cuban Salsa band.


Fenix Isla Mujeres



Fenix Isla Mujeres


Fenix is a bar/restaurant/lounge/beach club located on the north end of the island, right at the bridge to the Avalon Reef Club. The music was authenic, the crowd was friendly, and they reported that from now on they will feature four hours of live Salsa every Sunday from noon to 4pm. We’ll be back!

An interesting thing happened on our way home. I forgot that I would have to pay for the parking garage in Puerto Juarez. I counted my pesos when we got into the car and I had 79 of them. I was confident that would be enough, however when we got to the exit the attendant said, “90 pesos por favor.” I asked if they took debit cards. They didn’t. I was starting to panick when I noticed the guitar player from the boat on the other side of the attendant’s booth. The attendant asked how much I had, “79 pesos,” I said. That was when the guitar player, who Bebé and I had given a 10 peso tip to said, “I will pay it.” Thanks nice guitar player, the next time I see you, your tip will be much larger.



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