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The Spring Festival / La Festival de Primavera in Cancun


preschool Cancun


One thing I like about daycare in Mexico is their love of festivals and costumes.

Last year Bebé was a Bumblebee for the Spring Festival. This year the daycare asked that he come dressed as a bird. There are all kinds of costumes available, you can get them at Walmart or even the fancy costume shop in Malecon Americas, but I usually buy Bebé’s at Mercado 23 (Market 23) a place I have grown to love to visit.

I only got one smile out of Bebé, these events are always fun and exciting but they can also be a little overwhelming. In addition I have a feeling that he is going to take after his sister, who almost never smiles in pictures… see?




She’s a beauty though! Here’s the one smile I got out of him…


childcare in Cancun


It’s not really a smile, is it? But at least he looks happy.

The Spring Festival really only consists of the kids dressing up, having a little parade, dancing, and then refreshments are served.

For the most part Bebé has given up sucking his thumb, but this is his newest habit, his fingers are in his mouth all of the time. He bits his fingernails too.




His pal looks thrilled, doesn’t he?


daycare in Cancun


One of Malcolm’s besties… a gorgeous little chicken. Isn’t she adorable? They’ll go to school together next year.


Festival de Primavera Cancun


Finger in mouth again…


Spring Festival Cancun


And they’re off! (Of course Mommy was running in front of them like an idiot trying to get a good picture. lol)


Cancun preschool


I’m not even sure what kind of bird Bebé was, lol, does anyone know?



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