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The Truth about Violence and Crime in Cancun



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Recently my posts have been about fun in the sun and include a lot of pretty beach pictures, but this time I have something I need to get off my chest…

I am sick and tired of sensational media reports, and more specifically headlines, about recent events in Cancun.

Around Spring Break time, there was a bombing in a bar in Cancun, a bar which is in an area where no tourists (nor this local) would ever go.  We’re not talking downtown Cancun, where you’ll find Market 28 and Walmart, we’re talking way past downtown. What upsets me is that media outlets, particularly North American media outlets, reported this event with headlines like “Spring Break Nightmare: Bombing in Cancun Bar”. Are you kidding me? This sort or sensationalized reporting (or well, lying) infuriates me.  Frankly, it’s just irresponsible. These people call themselves journalists?

Within the last month or so, 7 people were found dead on the outskirts of Cancun. Maybe somewhere near that bar, but once again, somewhere no tourist (nor this local) would ever go. I actually saw one headline that said, “7 strangled, 1 decapitated in Mexican tourist resort” Seriously?

The article does go on to say that the bodies were found in a shack on the outskirts of the city of Cancun, but the problem is that these headlines stick in people’s heads. The media outlet may be getting more clicks but they aren’t getting more loyal readers and they’re ruining the reputation of a city that depends on tourism.

There was a terrible, scary bombing at the Boston Marathon last week. Will you stay away from the city of Boston because of that bombing?

Is Cancun safe for tourists? Yes. I’m not saying nothing ever happens, but there is crime and violence in every large city in Mexico, as well as in the U.S. and many other countries. I have family members and friends who visit on a regular basis, and all of them would tell you that they have never felt threatened in any way.

Maybe we should ask ourselves, why does Mexico’s violence seem scarier to us?


  1. Because they don’t speak English. Americans are very afraid of most things which are different. Whereas you and I view the difference as something exciting and interesting. I felt very safe in the neighborhood where you live, Kristin. I have been to Cancun 4 or 5 times in the last 30 years and never felt afraid.

  2. Amen! Amen! I too am sick of all the media. They feed on people’s fears when they should have none. Last I checked, there were murders in other vacation spots like Orlando, New York, Las Angeles, etc. Yet, people still go there withno fear. I have NEVER felt unsafe in Cancun. I have felt unsafe in these other cities. Go figure.

  3. I have NEVER felt unsafe in my 30 years visiting Cancun. I have walked centro many times alone from Tulum Ave. to Walmart .. never scared. News media love to build up stories of any vacation spot, but especially Mexico. No place worse than DETROIT.

  4. Usually the Spring breakers brought on danger by their poor choices from drinking too much. My husband used to work in Señor Frogs and the things we saw these kids getting up to after tequila shots. Scary! The media does not specify that these things are not happening in the hotel zone, but some manzana that is miles and miles away.

  5. In all fairness, I lived in New York City my whole life. I constantly battled the image of a crime ridden metropolis. I had many out of town friends decide against sending kids to college in New York because it was not safe. I grew up there, I raised my daughters there and one daughter is hanging on and raising her two sons there. All very safe and even leaving the doors unlocked (gasp!!!).

    The news media makes money by getting people to tune in. Drug cartel members attacked in isolated area of Cancun does not draw as much attention as a screaming headline that feeds our worst fears.

    What can you do about it? Ignore the headlines that promote lies and keep posting those wonderful pictures and notes from the reality of this place.

    Honestly, the folks who are put off by scandal sheet headlines would probably not venture out of their own area to begin with. The same folks who looked horrified when we announced our move to Cancun never understood why we spent hours on the plane to Paris when we could have gone to Vegas or Busch Gardens for the same experience. Yeah, well… not so much 🙂

    Have a glorious day in Paradise and share it… the negative stuff can’t overwhelm that!

    • Margaret! Thank you so much for sharing your experience.

      I’m totally jealous that you live in NYC! 🙂 There are so many places I would love to live, and NYC is one of them.

      Thanks for reading.

  6. I am so thankful that I found your post. I am leaving for Cancun tomorrow to start my honeymoon and I have seen the headlines. Needless to say, I was a little scared. Now I feel SO much better and am looking forward to my visit there.

    • I am so thankful that you found it too Ronda! You are going to have a wonderful honeymoon (Congratulations!). The weather is gorgeous right now and you have no reason to feel scared. You’ll notice immediately how friendly Mexican people are (after you leave the airport, immigration and customs people are too busy to be friendly haha). Have a wonderful time!

  7. I’m happy to see how you can help americans to understand that Mexico is not that dangerous. Thanks so much for showing the beauty of my country.
    Greetings from DC

  8. Thanks for posting. I live on the opposite coast of Mexico and agree with your thoughts completely. One of the top searches on my website is related to “safety in Mexico” so I think it is important to keep spreading the word from locals on what the situation really is like.

    • Hi Michelle, thanks for reading and sharing. I agree that locals (and especially expats) should help to spread the word. Saludos!

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  10. My heart has beat more rapidly since I decided to move myself and my children to be with my husband of 16 years to Mexico. I have only visited MX and the last time I spent a vacation there I was probably 12. Although frightened by this new experience, I am at now ease with respects to violence, now to convince the family and friends I leave behind..

    • Hi Nancy, I’m glad I could help ease your mind. I don’t know where you live now but Cancun’s violent crime rate is probably lower than the big city you’re closest to. Best of luck!

  11. Very few places have we traveled have no crime or drugs . Cancun is a favorite . I have been going to Cancun a few times a year for 15 yrs . With my kids We love the people , the food and all the great things to see and do . Although down town can be bring out undesirables at night you do have to be careful ! Stay off the side streets when shopping . They have lots of salesmen lurking n swindling . However there is Americana Mall , yes Walmart n a great local pharmacy downtown Great restaurants and Supermarkets. Wet n wild is also the cleanest water park . The beaches are spotless . Christmas this 2012 in Cancun was amazing . We have stayed at various places choose which place suits your needs . This summer I am taking a few 19 year olds . We do go to the nightclubs and no I don’t let my kids go alone and they don’t drink but like any place you travel and myself safety is my priority . I live in NY use common sense . I travel by buses they are convenient to everything ! La Isla is also a charming shopping area, restaurants with outdoor seating . Extreme sports are dangerous any where ! The middle of the hotel Zone ocean is rough but the beginning and end are calmer waters . Strong undertows yes and drifting . The thing I love about Mexico Is the feeling like I can breath and say we’re home . Also visit the historical places and churches . Remember there are cultural differences . Relax enjoy the sun and spas . See you all in July !

    • Hi Amy, thanks for your comments and for helping to spread the word that Cancun is safe and a great place to visit.

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  13. Remember they caught the Boston bombers. did they catch the people who strangled the 7 in the shack on the “outskirts” of cancun? so just to understand there is a bar that no local nor tourist would ever go to again on the “outskirts” of Cancun then who goes there and why is it there? just to many questions to travel to a country that has more than 1000 people kidnapped each day but dont worry you should be safe lol

    • I don’t know where you live Sean, but I’m sure there are bars in your city or the closest large city to you that you wouldn’t go to because you wouldn’t feel safe there. The bar that was bombed is some 15 kilometers from the Hotel Zone and downtown Cancun. It’s up to 30-40 kilometers from some areas of the Hotel Zone. There have NEVER been any bombings in any nightclubs, bars, hotels or restaurants in the Hotel Zone. To be honest, I don’t know if they caught the suspects. However, you might want to re-read my post, I was commenting on the inaccurate and sensational reports about the incident. I was also commenting about Cancun, not the entire country of Mexico.

      I don’t know where you got your “official” statistics, but since you don’t live in Cancun and you’ve never been here I don’t know how you could possibly feel like you have any knowledge about it. I’m not sure why you’re reading about it either since you obviously aren’t open to learning from people with firsthand knowledge, maybe you just like to go around making negative comments on people’s blogs. If you are actually interested in this topic, you might want to check out this website. http://howsafeismexico.com/index.html

      Buen día.

      • Well said, there is a lot of people who just like to be negative about anything. & you are so right when you say that if he has not been there how could he know” I’m not from Mexico & the 1st time I went there, I was a little scare about the safety in Mexico, but honestly Cancun was great, safe & all I heard either on the media or by co-workers was be careful b/c Mexico is a dangerous place, like you said people who haven’t been there…smh…I even went to Mexico city in a 2nd trip and it was not as bad as they say it is. It seems that media just want to scare people away from Mexico, period. Perhaps b/c is the paradise next door & we would not receive any profit of the tourism gains, ha ha ha

        • Hi Alicia, thanks for your comments, and for visiting the beautiful country of Mexico. I was in Mexico City for just one day and I loved it. Come back soon. 🙂

  14. I just returned from my 1st visit to Cancun. Friends thought I was crazy wanting to visit such a dangerous city. I don’t pay attention to “Headlines” and I couldn’t imagine that Cancun is any more dangerous then any big city in the U.S.
    I was right !! Cancun is a beautiful area with beautiful, friendly and helpful people. Not at all pushy as some people have commented on in regards to timeshare or tour sales people. Much less aggressive then what I have encountered in Orlando or for that matter anywhere I have traveled.
    I enjoyed the tour to the Ek Balam ruins, I enjoyed wonderful food, shopping and most of all relaxation on a beautiful beach. The people of Cancun were some of the nicest people I have ever encountered in my travels abroad. I felt just as safe in Cancun as I do in my home city of Boston. I also came home feeling that Spanish should be mandatory in U.S. schools !!! What is wrong with Americans that most of us are only fluent
    in English? Spanish is spoken all over the world, isn’t it time Americans caught up !!!!

    • Hi Linda, thank you so much for your comments. I’m so happy to hear that you enjoyed Cancun. I agree that US children should be educated in both English and Spanish… if only for the brain-boosting benefits being bilingual provides!

  15. While I appreciate that most of you never felt threatened or felt safe while walking through Cancun, this does not erase the face that horrific acts of violence occur there quite regularly. Often times not reported by the US media. What you don’t here about on the news are the kidnappings that happen in all Mexican resort area. These are often handled out of site of the media and local law enforcement. Cancun, Mazatlan, Rosarito, all have ongoing kidnapping (yes even of tourists) problems. And ‘Feeling safe” is just a state of ignorance that means it hasn’t happened to you yet. Many expats living in Mexico “felt safe” right up until the time they were kidnapped and raped by Law Enforcement there. If they are car bombing and beheading on the other side of the city, does that mean that this violence will never cross tat magic border to your area? Any yes if beheadings, assault rifle attacks in bars, car bombing and kidnappings regularly happened in Boston, I WOULD MOVE. Even if it took place on the other side of the city. When the wild-west rules are in play, anything is possible. And yes…I am in Cancun

    • Hi Roger, considering your comments, I’m not sure why you haven’t left Cancun yet. Maybe it’s because the crimes you speak of are the basis of your business. I realize you are commenting on my blog for advertising purposes, but I must point out that I never said that there isn’t any crime in Cancun or other tourist areas in Mexico. If you actually read my post, you know that I used to live in Chicago, where rapes, robberies and murders happen every day, and at a much higher rate than in Cancun. The fact is that the vast majority of tourists that visit Cancun come and go without incident, and I don’t know of even one case of a tourist being kidnapped in Cancun. Surely someone would go to the press with an incident like this once they were back in their home country? As far as locals, at some point some of us will be affected by crime, whether we live in Cancun, Chicago, or Mexico City.

      I think in some strange way many US citizens are more comfortable with shootings than they are with beheadings, but frankly both kill you, so what’s the difference? Murder is murder.

      • Admin. If I were advertising, surely I would have tried to plug something. No websites, no company names given.
        When individuals don’t agree they often time lash out irrationally and make baseless accusations such as yours.
        My response was an answer to several posts here, not just yours. Yes I work in Mexico. Cancun is just one of the locations we conduct consultation. There have been foreign and Mexicans kidnapped in Cancun. I am sorry you are not well informed. Vary rarely do these incidents make the news, especially the foreign kidnaps due to the problem it would cause in the tourist areas. If there wee no foreign kidnaps in Cancun, I would not be here right now. And if a beheading is the same as a street robbery gone wrong to you, we have a difference of opinion once again. Beheading, bridge hangings, kidnaps, regular attacks on local security forces are all things I hope I never see where I reside up in the states. This type of violence indicates a certain mindset that many of the US criminal population are not quite at yet. I completely understand your view, it hasn’t happened to you yet, and you don’t see it happening around you. We are quite used the the “No Pasa Nada” syndrome. And look…not one website or company name given….again. 🙂

        • I was referring to your e-mail address Roger. It has your website address in it. I do this for a living. I know the game.

          My comments are far from irrational or baseless. I never said these things don’t happen here. I am merely saying that crime happens in many places and that the vast majority of people living in and visiting (MILLIONS of people visit each year) Cancun do so without incident. This is a fact you simply cannot argue with.

          I wasn’t talking about “street robbery gone wrong”. What about mass shootings in the US? In schools? Oh yes, you’re right, that’s much better than a beheading.

          And thanks for saying it hasn’t happened to me “yet”. That was a nice thing to say.

          • It clearly states that email addresses will NOT be published. And I think we both know, I was not attempting to market to you. Once again…not advertising…no game. I am used to your attitude, I have been consulting down here since 2007. Once again, you are not aware of what is really happening around you. If there were no foreign kidnaps in Cancun…I would not be here right now. My above post stands on its own regarding the mindset that goes along with the machete type violence all over Mexico. Yes I would rather deal with a lone violent sick delusional individual than individuals beheading and kidnapping to profit. This anything goes attitude couple with very little Law Enforcement response might be troubling to many. Good luck though. The odds are with you that you will be OK. That said, telling others that certain places are safe because of your own lack of accurate information is irresponsible.

          • Touché. You are right about the e-mail address. I admit when I am wrong.

            However, you calling me irresponsible is uncalled for. As I will say one more time. Millions of people visit Cancun each year, the vast majority without incident. Period.

  16. Yes as I said, the odds are with you. I unfortunately am working with a family that was told Cancun was completely safe and can’t understand how something like this could happen in a resort area. It wasn’t so safe for their family member. I like Hawaii for relaxation. No beheadings…no kidnappings… 🙂

    • That is so awful. I feel terrible for the family. Unfortunately there are very few places in the world that are “completely safe”.

      • Ok. After reading this last exchange I am rethinking my already paid for trip in three weeks.

        • I think you would really regret doing that Carley. The bottom line is that MILLIONS of tourists visit Cancun, Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya every year and the only thing that happens to them is that they have an awesome vacation. 🙂

  17. Having visited the border towns where shoot outs and mass killing is very real and common…business took me there over the last 15 yrs – no more though. Also been to “safer” central cities e.g. QRO, Monterrey, Guadalajara. Also been to Cancun, Mayan areas on holidays. So anyhow, let me explain why the fear in Mexico vs. Miami (worse on average statistically), NYC, Toronto, etc. etc. ONE thiing in Mexico can be very problematic. Incompetence with authorities, police, consulates. IF you have a problem, it can get exacerbated when you cannot trust the police / legal systems. Incompetence at the hotels or resorts. The people are very intelligent, educated, that is not the problem, but they are under pressures by authorities, management, politicians and generally lack of a honest & brave structure. So IF you have an incident, it can get very ugly and help may not be good. Medical however is very good, competence is very good. One thing that maybe missing in all those Island countries! Given my guess in No 1 injury on vacation is a sprained or broken ankle because tourists are always gawking around and not looking down at the typically uneven side walks found in most of the rest of the world – careful. So go to Mexico? Been holding off because I have lost some respect for the people for not rising up and cleaning up their drug cartel mess – like Columbia has – my next vacation maybe there!

  18. So finally a true post I have a small condo in the heart of the hotel zone not a time share I come every year to get away from Minnesota winters every Jan Feb March If you wear a short skirt, a thong ,no bra ,and a wet t shirt get drunk as hell dance on the bar with your skirt over your head yea you may get in trouble but if you behave yourself just like at home stay relativity sober just like at home and stay out of bad neighborhoods just like at home you’ll be fine just like at home Really people use your heads

  19. Am going to Cancun soon and was glad to read the posts. I’ve never been abroad before and was worried Mexico would be a dangerous and hostile place, but reading the posts above I feel much happier. Looking forward to my hols with my young family now. Thank you

  20. I agree with you admin 100%

    I have traveled many places south of Mexico and never had any problems. Maybe I`m just lucky but I always stick to a few simple rules when traveling anywhere and they have served me well. Aside from that you never know what you may see or learn or meet if you dont stick your kneck out a little bit and explore. I m also looking forward to visiting cancun for a month or so in the new year.

  21. The I went to Cancun in 1998 when I was 21 years old. Of course, at that age, you want to party. I stayed at the Melia Turquesa hotel. Absolutely beautiful. My friend and I asked the cabbie where we could find the weed and cocaine. He took us right to it. That night, sitting on the beach two hotels down ,where there was a piece of property that was not lit up,we were ambushed by five Mexicans posing as police with walkie talkies in their hands. We were smoking a joint and one guy said that he smelled marijuana and we were going downtown. I told him we were American and we weren’t going anywhere. Then I thought of the mountain of cocaine in our hotel room. All I could think was if they find out what room we’re in, they’ll find all the drugs and put us under a Mexican jail. I ran away and got up to the room and flushed the drugs. I climbed out on my 7th story balcony and proceeded to try and climb over to the neighbors balcony. After almost falling, I decided not to do it. I had left my friend down on the beach and I felt bad about that, but I was trying to think ahead. Minutes later, somebody banged on the door and said “Policia”! I opened the door and it was my friend. He paid them $80 to go away. I felt so stupid. I had my shoes stolen the next day while jet skiing when I left them by the cabana that rented me the jet ski. I had to have more money wired to me and had to walk to an appliance store downtown to find the closest Western Union. I was approached by the ugliest, scariest Mexican I’ve ever seen. He got up in my face and said something in Spanish in a mean tone. If I could translate, I’m pretty sure he was telling me how bad he wanted to slit my throat. Anyway, I wish now that I would have seen the ruins, gone to Cozumel and done more than just get high and drunk and chase women. But hey, I was21.

    • Hmmm, well that is an… interesting story. You’re lucky you didn’t get yourself into a lot of trouble. I suggest people do not use or buy illegal substances while in Cancun.

      • I agree now that I look back on it. I also want to caution any young men that the taxi drivers and the police work hand in hand. The taxi drivers will see young guys together and ask, “chilly Willy? “. Do not say yes. Chilly Willy is a strip club south of Cancun that participates in prostitution. Once there, you will be over charged for drinks and if you get a private dance, the girls will solicit you for sex in the backroom with armed guards at the door. It has a Dusk til Dawn feel inside and you are just waiting on these locals to turn into vampires. But mainly Cancun locals who work in the hotel zone want one thing from you. Your money. If you feel you are being ripped off, they will call the police on you and then you have two different people to pay off. It would be different if these locals made enough money to be satisfied for their services, but they let greed get the best of them. Most Americans do drugs in Cancun even if they didn’t want to participate. Ruffies, GHB, and other chemicals are mixed in people’s drinks by bartenders to take advantage of them sexually or monetarily. Cancun the area is a beautiful paradise. It’s the greedy people that work there that make it a disappointment of a vacation. As far as being safe though, my experiences were from 1998. Way before the drug cartel killings which started around 2005. But when it comes to safety, it depends on what you do while you’re there. If you put yourself out there to be taken advantage of, it will happen. I guarantee it. If you lounge around your pool hotel, take a dip in the ocean(be cautious of the current), go to a nice restaurant, and just relax, then you will not have a problem. All in all, I would go back and take the relaxing vacay.

        • Please Henry, it’s fine to talk about your (dangerous, by choice) experience, but bars and clubs in Cancun DO NOT mix Ruffies and GHB in people’s drinks. Does it happen occasionally here and everywhere else? Yes. But most people have a great night out drinking moderately without any issues whatsoever. Most people working in Cancun are not greedy, but normal, hardworking people. You came to Cancun looking for the dark side and you found it. Millions of people visit every year and have a safe, enjoyable vacation.

          • You are right. I did look for the biggest party possible. Just like the other 25,000 American college students do at spring break every year. My experiences were as a 21 year old kid from a small town in Alabama. I noticed how you didn’t dispute the fact that the police are corrupt and that the taxi drivers are incahoots with them. Whatever happened to those six Mexican cops who were arrested for killing a US citizen they had held at his resort LAST YEAR? Probably nothing. What happened to the manager and employees of the gay bar who were implemented in the killing of that black guy who was dumped in town on the side of the road? If you are older than 29, just go out during the day, and relax, then Cancun is a beautiful safe place. If you are a single guy or girl under that age looking to go clubbing and drinking, then you better watch out. Stay with atleast one friend. Mexican police and taxi drivers in Cancun see dollar signs when you come stumbling out of whatever discotheque or bar you came out of. I know I didn’t see the danger at the time, but looking back on it, us Americans were sitting ducks. The truth about the way ALL Mexicans feel about us is that they basically do not like us. The majority are super jealous of us being so over privileged. When you go, you will see for yourself. As long as you have money to give them, their cool. They will smile in your face and call you amigo, but they secretly hate us. I had a young local beg me for my Nike hat. He followed me down the sidewalk for a block before giving up. When you are in someone else’s country, you are at their mercy. Especially if you can’t speak the language. I have been to Nassau,Bahamas and Dublin, Ireland since my Cancun trip and have bought drugs in both countries. I had a great time and noone tried to blackmail me for money, overcharge me for drinks, or look at me like they really wanted to hit me in the face. Also admin., I noticed how you didn’t touch the subject of Chilly Willy’s. If you have lived there more than a month, I know you have heard some horror stories about the place. It’s a Mexican brothel ran by the Mexican mob. There’s a half dozen places just like it in Playa de Carmen. I know you can say the same about Vegas, but atleast there if you have a problem, you can somewhat trust the cops. If you have a month before your trip to Cancun, invest in some Spanish lessons before heading down. It will be the smartest thing you could do. I wouldn’t even admit that you are American.

          • The biggest party possible does not include illegal drugs and prostitues for the majority of Spring Breakers. If you get wasted and act like a fool, you may have issues with the police and/or taxi drivers, but I personally have never seen any evidence that they are “in cahoots”. I don’t know what happened after those specific cases, but these incidents happen everywhere. (Have you watched the US news lately? Ferguson. NYC. And nothing happened to those cops either!)

            It is ridiculous to say that in general Mexicans to not like “us”. You can’t make a blanket (and ridiculous) statements based on one reckless vacation when you were 21 years old.

            Chilly Willy’s is closed. I have lived here for 14 years, so I’m pretty sure I know a little bit more about Cancun than you do.

          • Keep living in your fantasy world. I just saw a review of Chilly Willy’s from August 2014. That’s less than six months ago. I heard it only opens certain times of the year. But it has been open. Don’t get me started about Michael Brown or the guy in NYC who got choked out. Neither one of those guys were tourists first off. I do not sympathize with them. That has absolutely no relation to corrupt Mexican police who constantly need to be bribed because their paychecks are low. I’m so glad that your 14 years in Cancun have been nothing but a positive experience. It might have a lot to do that you know Spanish and stay away from the mess. I read all the other comments on this thread and everybody was describing it like its the land of rainbows and lollipops. I wanted to share my experiences to bring attention to the people who strictly come down to Cancun to party their you know what off. And we can both admit, that is atleast half of the tourists. It’s easy to describe a place as safe if nothing bad has ever happened to you there. It doesn’t mean it’s the truth. Thanks for letting me share. I hope some young 20 something year old Americans heed my warning.

  22. Did not mean to put The at the beginning of my comment.

  23. These are just my experiences and my opinions about a place I went 16 years ago. They are still very fresh on my mind. I don’t mean to discourage anyone from going. I also don’t like talking bad about people. What I typed was an accurate account of one American’s thoughts about his safety in Cancun. I wish I would have done some things differently. But my comments are mainly aimed at the younger, wilder crowd who may think that the party in Cancun is the same as a party at, let’s say, Panama City Beach, Florida. It’s not. It’s a whole different world.

  24. Love your spirit and love of Cancun and Mexico
    My daughter lived and worked in Mexico City for 10 yrs from early twenties and my husband and I visited a few dozen times What a wonderful city
    I traveled a lot throughout the country and fell in love with the people and places
    Bought a home 10 mins outside downtown Cancun about 6 years ago unfortunately my husband died and I had always relied on him driving ,speaking Spanish etc when we traveled…First thought was to sell but my family also loves Cancun. I decided to go out of my comfort zone, rented a car, got lost a lot , found great restaurants in downtown Cancun as well as Hotel Zone, amazing shopping as well as day trips from cooking schools and joining groups
    I cannot wait to go to my home on 24 th February I bought a good second hand SUV and already have planned some new restaurants I will go to for Dinner and yes I will travel alone
    I tell my friends get out of your comfort zone,my motto Just Do It
    Never felt unsafe ever in Cancun, Cancun is beautiful a little but of Paradise in this crazy world .Use common sense when you travel any where in this world
    Just discovered your site today and love the restaurants you recommended I have enjoyed a few of them. Most honest reviews
    Thank you

    • Hi Anna, thanks so much for commenting. So sorry to hre about your husband but it’s wonderful that you’re coming back down on your own. Enjoy!

  25. Im 25 and Im go And I’m going to Cancun in few months, however I feel safer now that I read this post, this will be my first time so I will comment after. Reading what Henry said make no sense, how you pretend to be or feel safe when you are asking a taxis for drugs and going to strip clubs, well even in the safer country of the world you will experience some king of unsafe moment because you do this.

    • Hi Yoski, thanks for your comment. Just use common sense and everything will be fine. You’re going to fall in love with Cancun! Safe travels!

      • Hey I’m from Houston,Tx I’ve been curious about going to Mexico for years. I was in a relationship with a girl for a couple of years out of Highschool. From 07 to 09 and she moved to Mexico in 09 and doesn’t have a Visa to visit here. We still talk on Facebook, as a matter of fact she’s sleeping on the phone right now. She’s been wanting me to go for years now but I’ve always been a little afraid. I have a lot of Mexican friends and a good portion of them have told me not to go for years. I have had friends tell me some positive things about Cancun, so I’m a little tempted to give Cancun a try. She stays in Aguascalientes and i told her one day we can meet each other up when i get the balls to go over there. As a young 24 year old black male, i often think about exactly what i should worry about.

        • You should go ahead and visit your friend/girlfriend. From what I hear Aguascalientes is very nice. It wouldn’t help to come to Cancun. You would be just as far away from Aguascalientes as you are now, maybe farther. I don’t think I would drive there without doing extensive research, but you could fly. I have lived here for 14 years and feel just as safe or safer than I did when I lived in Chicago. Good luck!

  26. Hey! I just got back from Cancun last week and Henry was right on. The cabbies asked me and my friend straight off if we wanted to go to Chilly Willie’s. They also suggested to take us to get some mota(weed). We told him no thanks and asked to go to a local club near our hotel. We drank some tequila and decided to walk home. Big mistake. We were walking by a dim lit part of the hotel zone and five Mexicans approached us. We were held up at knifepoint and robbed of @$200. We contacted the crooked police and they blamed us. I will never,ever,ever spend my hard earned American dollars to support these third world cockroaches. Cancun the place is very beautiful. Its the American hating people that ruin it. Yoski or Yoshi or whatever your name is, you better watch yourself. Keep your guard up.

    • Hi Brett, I’m sorry that happened to you. I don’t think I have to tell you that there is some crime in every city, I was mugged at gunpoint in Detroit yet I have never been robbed or mugged here.

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