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El Dia del Niño in Cancun


dia del nino pastel


I remember asking my mom, “Why don’t we celebrate Children’s Day?” Her answer, “Every day is Children’s Day around here.” Well Children’s Day may be all but ignored in the U.S. but in Mexico señores it’s a big deal! It’s called Día del Niño.

Bebé’s daycare had a huge par-tay for all the kids and parents. Just in case you missed him, here’s Papi with Bebé before we left for the party.  (No we’re not getting back together.)




At the fiesta, the “Misses” (the girls who take care of the kids) put on shows.


dia del nino fiesta



dia del nino party


Then the kids got involved. Below you’ll see them dancing to Gangnam Style… too funny.


dia del nino Cancun


Then the parents particpated in games with the kids. So much fun! I played basketball with the moms and scored all three baskets for our team. 🙂 I played basketball in middle and high school and I kind of hated it, but I think I would love it now!


child care Cancun



jardines de fiesta Cancun


Finally it was time to eat, then pinata time, then cake time. Oh, the kids did some swimming in there somewhere too.


dia del nino pastel


El Día del Niño! Si señor!




Even though there wasn’t any beer we had fun. Sometime during the party I noticed a strange spot on Bebé’s neck, but I didn’t think too much about it. Two days later I dropped him at daycare in the morning and by the time I picked him up he was covered in spots. Yes, chicken pox.

Happy Children’s Day Mom!


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