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Our Visit to Cuba


Last week Papi, Bebé and I went to Cuba. Although we are getting divorced, I love his family dearly and was very excited to see them. I was also thrilled that Bebé would be able to spend some much-needed time with his big sister, grandparents and Tia Tata (Aunt Tata, Bebé’s sister’s mother).

I love to take pictures in Cuba. I took so many that I will have to do two posts about our trip, one with pictures of family and friends and one with pictures of Havana.

It’s difficult to describe the joy of being with loved ones that we don’t get to see often. Papi was so happy to spend time with both of his babies at the same time.


Imagen 014 [640x480]


Big sister is getting prettier everyday, isn’t she? The day after we arrived Papi and I took the kids to Habana Vieja.


Imagen 029 [640x480]

Imagen 040 [640x480]

Imagen 042 [640x480]


Bebé couldn’t wait for his pony ride! (He’s scared of people dressed in Buzz and Woody costumes but he’ll ride a horse… strange.)


Imagen 074 [640x480]


And of course he found some drums during our excursion.


Imagen 088 [640x480]


The next day some friends came to visit so we just hung around the barrio.


Imagen 093 [640x480]

Imagen 123 [640x480]


With Abuela…


Imagen 144 [640x480]


The whole gang…


Imagen 160 [640x480]


With the neighbor kids… fits right in, doesn’t he?


Imagen 167 [640x480]


The third day while big sister was at school Papi and I took Bebé to Vedado and Habana Vieja. I wanted to buy some souvenirs and Bebé wanted to ride the ponies again. Unfortunately the ponies weren’t around that day but I did purchase some Cuban treasures, we rode in a “Coco” (fun deathtrap) and Bebé had a pizza (it was pretty much the only thing he would eat during the trip).


Imagen 172 [640x480]

Imagen 175 [640x480]

Imagen 180 [640x480]

Imagen 196 [640x480]

Imagen 213 [640x480]

Imagen 214 [640x480]


Finally it was our last night there (Papi stayed longer to spend more time with his family) so of course Bebé wanted to cramp his sister’s style and hang out with her friends on the stoop. Doesn’t she look thrilled? And her weird stepmother was taking pictures of it all.


Imagen 215 [640x480]


We said good-bye to big sister that night as she would be at school long before we awoke the next morning. I started to tear up and thought about how grateful we are for these precious visits. We’re hoping big sister will come to Cancun next year for her 15th birthday. She wants to go shopping at the mall, something she’s never been able to do.


Imagen 224 [640x480]



Stay tuned for pictures of Havana…



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