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A Weekend at the Hard Rock Hotel Cancun





Due to my freelance job I get to do a lot of cool things. A few weeks ago Bebé and I spend the weekend at the Hard Rock Hotel Cancun.




We arrived on Friday afternoon and after a glass of champagne and a visit from Bob the Builder, we checked out the lobby, which is filled with music memorabilia. You know Bebé wanted to play these drums!


resorts Cancun


Do you remember the artists wearing any of these outfits? I do!


Cancun hotels

Hard Rock memorabilia


Next we headed up to our room, which had a spectacular view and a jacuzzi… score!


Hard Rock Hotel Cancun beach

Cancun hotel rooms


Then we went down to check out the pool area. Bebé asked if this was our new house. hahaha Um, no.




After dinner that night, we headed to the Michael Jackson show. Both Mommy and Bebé loved it!


Michael Jackson show Hard Rock Cancun


We weren’t very happy to see clouds when we woke the next morning.




Unfortuntately the weather turned out to be TERRIBLE, but we did our best to enjoy the weekend anyway. Taking baths in the Jacuzzi was fun.




The Little Big Club helped as well. This place is a dream come true for small guests. Unfortunately I had to hang out there the entire time as well (instead of drinking in the lobby bar) because parents have to stay there with kids ages 3 and under.





Bebé was pretty terrified of these guys, he wouldn’t get close enough to pose for a photo with them.





The waterpark after the rain started… (it never stopped)




The weather was a huge disappointment, but after we got home Bebé kept asking if we could go back to the hotel so at least I know he had a great time.


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