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Our Summer Vacation


As I said in my last post, Bebé and I recently returned from our annual whirlwind summer visit to the U.S. We stayed in five different houses and traveled by plane, train, automobile and bus! As usual, I took loads of pictures  so I divided them up into a couple of posts.

Right after the first leg of our trip I left my camera on the roof of the car. It actually rode up there for quite awhile, then fell into the street before someone ran over it and smashed it to bits. I got the camera back but unfortunately the memory card was nowhere to be found so I lost those pictures. The good news is that I had an excuse to buy a new camera.

After our time in Union Pier, MI we headed to Ludington to hang out with my mom and other family members. Bebé always enjoys walking Grammy’s dog.






Smores (with wine) are always a special treat during MI visits.




After our time in Ludington, we stayed in Grand Rapids with my dad for a couple of nights. We went to the John Ball Park Zoo. Zoos aren’t my favorite, I feel sad for the animals, but I knew Bebé would love it. This llama loved him and even gave him a kiss!


John Ball Park Zoo


It was then time to head to Grand Haven. Staying with my brother and sister-in-law and nieces is always easy and fun. Bebé loves to spend time with his cousins.

I took like 20 of these. Each one is different and adorable.






Have you ever been to Pronto Pup in Grand Haven? Yum!


Pronto Pup Grand Haven


You have to get ice cream afterwards.




Grand Haven is such a charming town.




The last leg of our trip was my second hometown, Chicago. I miss Chicago, and my dear friends that live there, and even though I lived there for 10 years, the city still takes my breath away.


downtown Chicago


Chicago skyline


Chicago Navy Pier


Bebé didn’t seem to be particularly impressed by the big city, but he still had fun.


Chicago playground


Chicago pizza… it takes forever to bake and costs a fortune, but it’s so yummy!


Chicago pizza


On the last evening of our trip, two of my dearest friends, Bebé’s “uncles”, took us minigolfing. All of us had a blast and I had never seen Bebé participate in any activity for such a long period of time.


minigolf Chicago


minigolfing Chicago


Chicago activties


I’m so grateful for our wonderful, safe vacation. The break from “the routine” and the quality time with beloved family and friends was sorely needed.


  1. Looks like you had a great time w/family. MI is great fun in the summer …. a beautiful state …. but those winters (I hate them).

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