What am I still doing in Cancun?

The adventures of an American single mommy working and playing in paradise.

Cancun’s Malecon


A little over a year ago Cancun opened a very nice malecon (boardwalk) downtown. The entrance is directly across Bonampak Avenue from Plaza las Americas/Malecon Americas. We’ve visited the malecon a couple of times, but we hadn’t been there in awhile when a friend suggested we meet up with our kids and their bikes. It was a beautiful (albeit hot) day.   The entrance is pretty.




And so are the views.






You can see part of the Hotel Zone from the malecon.






The kids had a blast riding their bikes. There’s a lot of space and not many people around.




Give me a lift amigo!




The money shot…




Bebé, his bike and I have been back to malecon twice since this visit. I think the plan is to build housing, etc. all around it, which makes me sad. It’s a beautiful place to get some fresh air and exercise, but bring water and go to the bathroom beforehand because for now all there is at malecon is well, the malecon.

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