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4 Years Old: Another Birthday Party in Cancun


I can’t believe it, but Bebé is four years old. Maybe I should change his “name” to Niño?

We had his birthday party at his “big boy” school. It was cheap, easy, fast and plus he got a lot of gifts since there are 25 kids in this class! He asked for a very expensive b-day gift so I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on his party.

His classmates are adorable. When I walked in and said, “HOLA,” they all said, “HOOOLA,” back in unison.


schools Cancun




birthday cakes Cancun


First they sang a couple of songs and did a birthday chant for Bebé. He was actually a little embarassed and comfortable, poor baby, but once we handed out the sandwiches, chips and juice he relaxed and started having some fun.

The kids loved the chocolate Angry Birds cake, and some even asked for seconds.

Next they took turns bringing Bebé his gifts. He gave them all thank you hugs which was about the cutest thing ever! Some kids swarmed Papi for more potato chips. haha






After Bebé’s classmates headed to their next activity we took the obligatory (selfie) family picture (yes even though we are getting divorced we are still family). 🙂 Then Bebé ran off to join his amigos.




Stay tuned for the next post about our fun-filled wedding weekend in Puerto Aventuras which also became Bebé’s birthday weekend extravaganza!



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