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Our Weekend at the Beach Palace Cancun


all inclusive hotels Cancun

I feel like I should begin this post by reminding everyone that five days a week Bebé and I go to school and work (respectively) and I have to do laundry, pack lunches, make dinner, etc.

That being said, one of my awesome jobs includes writing all about Cancun, so a couple of weeks ago we spend the weekend at Beach Palace in Cancun’s Hotel Zone.

Beach Palace is one of Cancun’s most popular hotels. In fact, it’s #6 of 174 on TripAdvisor’s list of Cancun Hotels.

We arrived late Friday afternoon and checked out our huge room. I think it may have been the biggest hotel room I have ever stayed in, and it wasn’t even a suite. The room had a huge balcony overlooking Nichupte Lagoon, an in-room hot tub, and tons of amenitites like a liquor dispenser, a minibar stocked with beer, soft drinks, water and juice, and other special touches like a flat iron. (My hair is pin straight so I don’t exactly need one but I know other women will really appreciate this amenity.) Oh and btw Beach Palace’s WiFi is phenomenal. #socialmediaaddict

lagoon view Cancun

Cancun at night

After getting settled in and changed, we headed for dinner at the Asian restaurant, Wok, which is casual but feels upscale. My sushi and tempura ice cream were delicious and they had a kids’ menu for Bebé which luckily included chicken nuggets. He especially enjoyed dessert.



After spending some time at Casino Night we headed back to the room to go to bed.

The next morning we had a yummy breakfast (pancakes, eggs, chilaquiles) at Tequila, the buffet restaurant. I knew once we settled in at the pool we would be there for hours so I told Bebé that we had to visit the rooftop pool first so I could take some pictures. We never spent any time here but the views are spectacular and I hear it is quiet during the day and then gets lively around 4pm.

Cancun vacation

Cancun resorts

Then it was time to choose our chairs at the infinity pool downstairs. Low season was just getting started so we had no trouble at all finding the perfect location. There are two smaller pools downstairs as well, one with a swim-up bar and one with a crazy-fun waterslide. The Kids Club is being remodeled so we didn’t spend any time there, but the activities team kept us busy with water volleyball, water aerobics and Zumba.

Cancun hotels

At one point, a lovely man who was leaving gave us all of his kids’ beach toys. Bebé was especially thrilled about the boogie board.


Beach Palace has one of the biggest and most beautiful beaches in the Hotel Zone, with loads of beach chairs and a special area for members.

beach Beach Palace Cancun


all inclusive resorts Cancun

After hours and hours (and hours) at the pool, plus a few drinks (the mudslides are to die for) and lunch from the snack bar (a wrap for me and nuggets, again *sigh* for Bebé) we returned to the room for a nap.

That night for dinner I wanted to eat at La Terraza (a steak restaurant, again casual) but it looked like rain so since it’s outside they closed it. However, they still served me a steak in Tequila. I would have loved to have tried Bocelli, which serves Italian food but it’s formal and let’s just say that Bebé isn’t ready for formal.

After dinner we went to the Stadium Bar for karaoke, which was super fun because it was not with tracks, but with a live band. It was great fun to cheer for the other guests. Bebé did not want me to sing (I have no idea why) but since I didn’t feel like it anyway, I didn’t.

When we got back to the room I filled out the room service doorknob thingy… I will explain this because it is the best invention EVER. In our room there was a doorknob thingy (like a “Do Not Disturb” sign) that you could fill out with your order for breakfast. You can choose what time you want it delivered as well. And well, this was the result…

room service Beach Palace

Scrumptious… and right on time too.

Of course we went to the pool again, but the weather was looking a little ominous…

rain Cancun

so when it started to rain we went to the room and filled the hot tub with warm water and bubbles! When we were finished, it was sunny again.

We checked out at 2 pm (I requested a late check-out) and headed home so I could do laundry, etc., but we had a fabulous weekend at Beach Palace and I can see why it’s so popular.

Just a note… there was an Indian wedding while we were there. We saw them setting it up on the beach on Saturday…

weddings Beach Palace Cancun

Then we spied on them a bit during the wedding that evening. The next day all of the women did a beautiful traditional dance to drums in the lobby! It was a lovely surprise.

Indian wedding Cancun

Now, off to wash the dishes!


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