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aesthetic medicine Cancun

Cosmetic Procedures in Cancun


It’s something that a lot of us think about, but don’t like to talk about… getting older and how to look younger. I am part of the generation of sun worshipers… in fact, I used to drench myself in baby oil and lie on a metallic silver blanket every chance I got. I also smoked for years. It’s like I was intentionally trying to cause wrinkles!

I am trying to accept getting older, to grow old gracefully, but there are just some things that are unacceptable. For the most part I can handle the smile lines around my eyes, and my face isn’t that saggy… yet. But it seems like overnight I developed lines around my mouth that were making me really self-conscious. Others probably didn’t notice them… yet. But I could imagine what they were going to turn into if I didn’t do something about them.

I spoke to a friend about it, and it turned out that she has a friend who is a very well-respected (in all of Mexico, not just Cancun) physician who specializes in aesthetic medicine.

Medicial tourism is becoming very popular in Cancun. Many vacationers come from Canada and the U.S. and while they’re here they, you know, get a little something done. Whether it’s a dental procedure or a cosmetic procedure, they have time to rest and recover, and well, if they choose, the whole thing can remain a secret.

That’s where Med Spa Cancun comes in. Turns out my friend’s friend, Jenny Loria, has been the medical director of Med Spa Cancun, located in The Royal Sands resort at km. 13.5  in Cancun’s Hotel Zone, for 7 years. She has been named by Allergan (makers of Botox, Juvederm, etc.) among the 5 best aesthetic doctors in Mexico. She is also one of Allergan’s speakers and trainers in their “Allergan Academy” Training Seminars. She normally assists at 3 worldwide seminars per year, which are held in different parts of Mexico, USA and Europe.

aesthetic medicine Cancun

This lady, my friends, knows her stuff. And her work is natural and subtle too, no fish lips here!

So I figured, if I am going to do anything, I should do it at Med Spa Cancun.

cosmetic procedures Cancun

Med Spa Cancun offers:

  • Visia Facial Analysis (complexion evaluation)
  • Thermage (skin tightening and cellulite reduction)
  • Fractional CO2 laser (reverse premature aging)
  • Botox (wrinkle reducer)
  • Juviderm/Restylane (filler & lip enhancer)
  • Vycross (long lasting filler)
  • Microdermabrasion (skin condition improvment)
  • Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (skin rejuvination)
  • Mesotherapy (cellulite and reduction treatment)
  • Dzugan Physio Logic (a new logical approach to health)

botox Cancun

Because Med Spa Cancun offers reasonable prices and is located in a resort, they have a lot of repeat customers that return year after year. They also serve guests of other hotels and locals as well.

Who wouldn’t love a place that has a Botox Christmas tree?

dermal fillers Cancun

Oh, are you wondering if I got a little something done??? Well I probably wouldn’t be posting about Med Spa Cancun if I didn’t, but I’ll never tell. A lady never reveals her secrets. 😉


Med Spa Phone: 52 (998) 881 0100 ext. 65906 

Med Spa Website: www.medspacancun.com

And here’s a little more info about Jenny… 

Dr. Jenny Loría Muñoz M.D., Director of Aesthetic Services

Dr. Loría graduated as a medical surgeon from the University del Mayab in Mérida, Yucatán. After completing her internship at the Ignacio Garcia Tellez IMSS Hospital in Mérida and her Social Service requirement in Playa del Carmen, Dr. Loría worked as a Medical Director in a Spa and a Laser Clinic and has taken advanced courses in Thalassotherapy, Medical Aesthetic, Cosmetic Laser therapies and Anti-aging medicine. She also has diplomas in Anti-Aging Medicine  and Aesthetic medicine from SCMME (Sociedad Científica Mexicana de Medicina Estética/Mexican Society of Aesthetic Medicine, endorsed by the National Autonomous University of Mexico and UIME) and Spa Administration from La Salle University. Dr. Loría specializes in minimally invasive aesthetic and cosmetic procedures with expertise in Thermage, Botox, Platelets Rich in Plasma, IPL Photo Rejuvenation, Laser Collagen Enhancement and Acne Treatment, Microdermabrasion, Laser Vein Removal, Mesotherapy and SmartLipo. She is U.S.-certified for all FDA-approved treatments. She speaks fluent English and Spanish.


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