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Cancun restaurants

La Habichuela Restaurant in Cancun


I have lived in Cancun for 14 years, and I have always wanted to dine at La Habichuela, a legendary restaurant in downtown Cancun that has been open since 1977.

The owner, Armando Pezzoti, opened the restaurant in what was once his home. It’s almost as old as Cancun is!

I finally got the chance to dine at La Habichuela, and I’m happy to share that it was worth the wait. This Cancun dining institution lived up to it’s stellar reputation. The restaurant is located on Calle Margaritas in Parque las Palapas.

Cancun restaurants

La Habichuela is known for it’s cuisine, service and ambiance, and it delivers on all three counts. The garden is so charming!

outdoor dining Cancun

Cancun dining

Ordering a margarita is a must. Please don’t order a frozen one. A margarita should be enjoyed on the rocks with a salt rim.

downtown Cancun restaurants

The food was incredible. Really. The dishes, based on family recipes, are prepared with tender care and incorporate Mexican and Mayan ingredients, some of which have been used for thousands of years and have rich histories in Mexican culture. The service is attentive yet not annoying.

seafood Cancun

tacos Cancun

There are so many wonderful choices. It would be a good idea to dine with a lot of friends and share. The Cocobichuela (entree, lobster and shrimp in curry sauce served in a coconut with rice and tropical fruits) and the Kukulcan Pyramid (dessert, drool) should not be missed.


desserts Cancun

Of course if you’re not on the mood for a chocolate pyramid, they offer loads of other scrumptious desserts.

La Habichuela actually invented the Mayan coffee, which I missed this time, but I won’t make that mistake again. I’ll try it at La Habichuela Sunset, located in Cancun’s Hotel Zone. Can’t wait!

I want to thank my amiga @CancunCanuck for this photo, and for suffering through this experience with me.

Cancun vacation


  1. Oh yes, how we suffered! Gracias a ti amiga, was a fun night out! And oh man, Viva the pyramid of chocolate!

  2. Who could not be in the mood for a chocolate pyramid??

  3. I want to live there i was born in D.F. but have lived in the US since i was little I have dual citizenship and family that live there are there any concerns ibshould have whT is my best shot for a good job

    • Sorry Fernando but since I don’t know details about your education or work experience, there is no way I can tell you what your best shot for a good job is. Not sure what kind of concerns you mean, but if you have family here, they should be able to help you. Ask them where they work, what they earn, etc.

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