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Moon Palace Grand pool

We say YES to the Moon Palace in Cancun


A couple of weeks ago Bebé and I spent 3 glorious nights at the Moon Palace Golf & Spa All Inclusive Beach Resort. Oh how I have grown to love all inclusive resorts!

To be completely honest, I wasn’t sure how I would feel about the Moon Palace. It’s huge… three full all inclusive resorts in one. But…

it was spectacular!

The Moon Palace is made up of the Sunrise, Nizuc and Grand sections. We stayed in the Grand section, which is much smaller and quieter than the other two. It was the perfect place to go back to after a busy day and/or fun evening.

However, when we weren’t in our HUGE room, we spent most of our time at Nizuc and Sunrise. It is a lovely walk along the beach (there’s a boardwalk) during the day between sections. We would walk to Nizuc, spend awhile there, and then continue on to Sunrise.

Our room

Moon Palace Grand rooms

The Grand’s pool

Moon Palace Grand pool

The beach

Moon Palace Grand beach

Moon Palace beach

Photo by Bebé


Nizuc pool

Moon Palace Nizuc pool

A dramatic pose??


Bebé and I both LOVED the waterslide at Nizuc. He is no longer afraid of big waterslides and went down at least 50 times.

Moon Palace waterslide

Can you see him in the water near the bottom of the slide?

Moon Palace pools

Bebé loves to play basketball, but the pool was too deep for him to stand, so the activities staff moved it so he could shoot baskets for awhile. I found the Moon Palace staff to be friendly, helpful and courteous. They always went out of their way to help, for instance, in the a la carte restaurants they would bring Bebé chicken nuggets (yes, yes I know, I am a horrible mother) even though they weren’t on the menu.

Moon Palace Nizuc section

The FlowRider, a surfing machine (for lack of a better description) is in the Sunrise section. I was pretty sure Bebé was not going to try it, the water is very powerful, but after watching for 10-15 minutes, he wanted to know if he could do it. Again, the activities staff were awesome and helped him so he could try both the boogie and surf boards. (I didn’t post the video of the first time he tried it where he was kind of terrified and half yelling, “Mom! Mom!”)

Moon Palace FlowRider

The Sunrise section also has this little waterpark for kids…

Moon Palace Sunrise

The Playrooms or kids clubs were so cool. I should know because we spent hours in them. There is a very large one at Nizuc and a smaller one at Sunrise. There is also a teens club called Wired.

Moon Palace Nizuc Playroom

Moon Palace Sunrise Playroom

Each night (after a nap) we would get all dressed up, go to a nice dinner (gotta go a la carte all the way, really yummy) and go to a show. Bebé loves a show! The first night we saw the circus show, the second night Michael Jackson, and the third night traditional Mexican dancing (which Bebé chose over the fire show). All of the performances were really professional.

The second night I didn’t feel like going straight back to the room after the show, so we hung out in the lobby bar of Nizuc and I drank wine and Bebé played with his tablet and ate chips (again, crappy mom). It was so much fun and he is so spoiled. The lobby bars are surprisingly lively and it’s fun to spend time in them.

After I exhausted the resort’s supply of white wine, I had a margarita.

margarita on the rocks

My Bebé is really fun to go on vacation with (most of the time, let’s be honest he is five and has his moments).


Almost forgot, one of the best things about the resort is the cafe they have in both the Nizuc and Sunrise sections (the one is Nizuc is better) where you can get pastries, cookies (get the plain ones, they are to die for), ice cream, coffee, sandwiches, crepes… to eat there or to go. HEAVEN.

Feel like staying at the Moon Palace now? Yeah you totally should!!

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