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La Habichuela Sunset Restaurant in Cancun


After living in Cancun for 14 years, I finally dined at La Habichuela in March, and now I’ve also dined at La Habichuela Sunset! So far it’s been a good year as far as eating is concerned!

La Habichuela Sunset is the sleeker little sister of the original La Habichuela, which is situated in a building that was once a house in downtown Cancun. Sunset was custom designed and is located in the Hotel Zone on the lagoon.

Again, the cuisine, service and ambiance are stellar here. They even offer the same menu. However this time I noticed that it has a key to help diners choose between Mayan, Mexican, Caribbean and International dishes.

Since we went for margaritas last time, we tried mojitos this time around.

dining Cancun

And a scrumptious ceviche mixto (mixed) to start…

seafood Cancun

I ordered the Seafood Parade as the main course. #delicious

seafood restaurant Cancun

The restaurant is very large, with indoor and outdoor sections on many different levels. It has a dreamy, celestial feel, especially when the sun goes down and the twinkling lights come on.

restaurants Cancun

fine dining Cancun

Photo: La Habichuela

If you want to witness one of Cancun’s rosy sunsets, have a drink inside, upstairs, before dinner. This will give you the best possible view.

Mexican food Cancun

Caribbean food Cancun

Photo: La Habichuela

On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays La Habichuela offers a Mayan show at 8 pm. It really adds to the entire experience.

Mayan show Cancun

Photo: La Habichuela

This dancer came around before the show and offered to paint a Mayan symbol on guests’ faces. Isn’t she gorgeous?

Mayan dancers Cancun

Mayan food Cancun

On Thursdays they feature live jazz.

Oh and we loved the photographer, he took a picture of us with our hair blowing in the wind!

Cancun vacation

So, which La Habichuela did I like better? I really enjoyed both of them, but I think the original downtown wins with me, only because it’s smaller and has a more intimate feel. Bigger, showier La Habichuela Sunset is perfect for the Hotel Zone.


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