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I’m On a Boat in Cancun


Er well, I was on a boat in Cancun.

My friend, who you may remember from A Big Fat Fabulous Gay Wedding in Cancun, was recently in town for the weekend and brought a couple of friends with him. They were staying at the Presidente InterContinenal so we went to spend the day with them.

The beach at the Presidente InterContinenal is amazing and the water is calm and turquoise blue.

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I imagined we would spend the day lounging on the beach, in between building sand castles and playing football with Bebé, but after just one beer, an older gentleman approached us and began what I first thought to be a conversation, but soon discovered was a spiel.

He pointed to a yacht anchored a hundred or so meters off shore and explained how he normally rented it each day for lots and lots of money, but because the weather wasn’t very nice (it was starting to get cloudy and looked like it might rain) he was willing to send us out on the boat for an hour for 100 usd. He talked of sailing into the turquoise bay between Cancun and Isla Mujeres, and I think we all imagined a school of dolphins swimming and jumping next to the boat.

I was kind of thinking, “No way José,” and then the next thing I knew everyone was running back to the room for cash and the beer from the mini bar (which they brought down in the trash can from their room). 10 minutes later we were boarding a dingy to take us to the yacht.

Once we were aboard the capitan explained that his was a sailboat and it didn’t have an outboard motor. I didn’t really understand why he was telling us this until about 15 minutes into the “trip”.

We were drinking beer, listening to music and happily chatting when we realized that we were barely moving. We were just drifting really.

There was no wind.

We figured out pretty quickly that we wouldn’t be sailing to the island (Isla Mujeres) and back today. But well, we were on a boat, and we were in Cancun!

Then the paparazzi appeared (a blonde Russian woman on a jet ski).

Now I know how it feels to be Beyonce. It feels good.

We were probably all thinking we would never pay for the pictures, but what harm was there in letting her take them?

Except that after we drifted out for 30 minutes and back in for 30 minutes (I’m pretty sure we only traveled about 300 yards in total) we were whisked back to shore in the dingy, and were led into a dive shop and planted in front of a computer.

And these flashed on the screen to a very catchy tune.










And someone bought them (I mean of course they did, look at them) and I promised to record the day in a blog post.

The rest of the afternoon was spent much as I originally expected it would be, drinking, eating, playing and joking.

And feeling grateful for a wonderful day with wonderful people.


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