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fashionable woven beach bag

Boutique Mexico: Modern Fashion with Traditional Roots


For those who love Mexico and fashion, it can be difficult to find clothing and bags that are created using traditional methods, yet look modern. It’s possible to find some items in markets, but many seem a bit doudy or outdated, and believe it or not, some may not actually be made in Mexico!

That’s where Boutique Mexico comes in.

Boutique Mexico is an online boutique that offers clothes, bags, accessories and gifts. What makes these items special is that they are colorful, fashionable, modern versions of traditional Mexican pieces.

Mexican dresses

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Mexican jewelry

Boutique Mexico’s founder Jenn Olson has visited many Mayan communities, which are quite literally located in the jungle, far from large cities like Cancun and Playa del Carmen that are filled with tourists.  During these visits she would speak with artisans and see the beautiful things they create. She realized they had no way of selling them to tourists, so she started to work with them.  She gives them a design and they bring it to life using their tradition weaving and embroidery skills.  This results in modernized styles created using ancient traditions.

By working directly with artists, Boutique Mexico ensures they are being paid a fair wage and don’t have to leave their homes or their families to earn a living. In addition, the materials used to create the items are sourced in Mexico. This type of arrangement is known as “slow fashion”,  which “encourages taking time to ensure quality production, to give value to the product, and contemplate the connection with the environment”. (Source: notjustalabel.com)

In other words, this is fashion you can feel good about.

fashionable plastic woven beach bag

fashionable woven beach bag

Recently I went on a search for a new beach bag. I went to Market 28, Market 23, Plaza Outlet and La Gran Plaza (all located in Cancun) and I could not find the kind of bag I was looking for. The only place that had exactly what I wanted was Boutique Mexico.

I used my gorgeous new bag for the first time a couple of weekends ago.

What makes this bag so awesome is the fact that it’s made of durable woven plastic yet still looks well-made and stylish. Plus no big deal if gets wet!!

fashionable beach bags

You don’t have to live in Cancun or even Mexico to shop at Boutique Mexico. If you are staying at a Cancun or Riviera Maya resort Boutique Mexico will deliver your order to your hotel or resort within 24 hours.

If you are not in Cancun or Rivera Maya they will ship your product anywhere in the world using FedEx.

Update: Mami got another Boutique Mexico bag! Behold my custom black Mini Stella… perfect for a casual night out on the town!

Mexican woven bags

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