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Cancun beach

Return to Catalonia Playa Maroma


A couple of weeks ago Bebé and I returned to Catalonia Playa Maroma, this time with Big Sister in tow, who was visiting from Cuba. We stayed at Catalonia Playa Maroma once before in 2013.

Catalonia Hotels is a Spanish hotel chain. There are two other Catalonia resorts in the area, Catalonia Riviera Maya and Catalonia Royal Tulum (adults only).

We arrived on Thursday evening and got settled in. Our room looked like this (but with no canopy, two beds, and a special little bed for Bebé).

all inclusive hotels Cancun

Photo: Catalonia Hotels

I loved our colorful building.


We headed to the Mexican restaurant, Tio Pedro, for dinner. They have a kids menu that is available in all of the restaurants which is wonderful because Big Sister is just as picky as Bebé is. They both ate the same thing every single night. hahaha

After dinner we went to Karaoke in the lobby and I sang two songs, one in English and one in Spanish. 😀

The next morning after breakfast in the main buffet restaurant Pajarito, we headed to the pool/beach. I had forgotten just how spectacular their beach is!

Riviera Maya beach

Cancun beach


I would go as far as saying this might be the best beach in the Cancun area. It absolutely takes your breath away. Corona commercial all the way… paradise found!

The pool area is not too shabby either. I like how they have many different pools of different depths.

Cancun hotels

Riviera Maya hotels

Bebé gave the pool two thumbs up!


There is also a nice area between the pool and the beach where there is a juice/smoothie bar.




Bebé didn’t want to go kayaking with me that day, but no big deal, because I had a free babysitter with me, Big Sister! So I took a kayak out by myself and for the very first time I took my phone with me (if you look closely you can see the Ziplock bag in the photo). It was terrifying. I need a GoPro!

kayaking Cancun

We decided to have lunch in the room that day. (Room service is the best!!) It was fast, they brought us exactly what we asked for, and we got a big kick out of the huge pile of chicken nuggets they brought us.

all inclusive resorts Riviera Maya

After our (necessary and required) afternoon nap we got all gussied up for dinner. This was the best picture I could get in the mirror. Bebé has been having a hard time with his smiling. :/


We had dinner at the Italian restaurant Toscana. I had a delicious risotto and white wine. Their house Sauvignon Blac was great.

After dinner it was showtime! The shows were very entertaining. We saw The Castle of Terror the second night (poor Bebé hid his face much of the time) and Madonna in Concert the third night.

all inclusive resorts Cancun

The next morning we made our way to Pajarito for breakfast. The kids thought the walk was long but I love the path that connects all of the buildings in the resort.


And bonus! Dozens of these creatures (Coatis) are hanging around each morning.

Coatis Cancun

Then it was time for my massage! Yippee! I sent the kids to the room after I took this picture (I just love it)…


…and headed to the spa, which offers a full menu of treatments including salon and kids services. I had reserved an Aromatherapy massage but after explaining what I wanted in more detail to the therapist, she recommended the Theraputic Massage. She did a wonderful job.

Note: The spa does not have separate areas for men and women so plan on wearing a swimsuit in the shower, hot tub, etc.

spas Riviera Maya

After my massage Bebé decided that he wanted to go on the kayak. So Big sister hung out here…



…and we took what turned out to be a very short trip on the kayak, because Bebé was worried about sharks.


Then it was time for lunch at Tortuga Snack Bar, which offered the expected hamburgers, salads, nachos, sandwiches, etc. It really hit the spot.

I still hadn’t visited my very restaurant at Catalonia Playa Maroma, La Creperie, which serves coffee drinks, sweet and savory crepes, sundaes and milkshakes, so we had dessert there. Behold…


Yum, yum, yum, yum. The kids had ice cream, and Bebé had two servings!

That night we had dinner at Terrace Tapas, which overlooks the beach. It was peaceful and relaxing.

My only complaints… 1) It was literally hotter than hell. Of course the hotel can’t do anything about this, hahaha, I just need to express just how hot it was. Luckily the air-conditioning in the room worked very well.

And 2) One word… mosquitos. To be fair, this resort is in the jungle, so again, not sure they can do much about this, but they may be able to fumigate. It’s probably not as bad other times of the year, but bring repellent just in case.

Overall we had a super weekend and would be happy to return to Catalonia Playa Maroma for a third visit someday. You can find out more about Catalonia Playa Maroma here.


Note: If you’re a newbie to the blog, Big Sister is my ex’s daughter, Bebé’s (technically half) sister.

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