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Xcaret with kids

Xcaret Park’s New Children’s World (Mundo de Niños)


Last weekend Bebé and I were invited to one of our favorite places, Xcaret Park, to check out their new attraction, Children’s World aka Mundo de Niños. We have been to Xcaret countless times, but let me tell you, we were really excited.

I even bought a new backpack for the occasion and Bebé insisted he be the one to carry it. He asked the lady in the ticket window for a map and opened it right up.

things to do with kids in Cancun

The last time we visited was for their Day of the Dead / Día de Muertos festival which is packed, so we were thrilled that it wasn’t at all crowded. We walked right in and stopped to visit the flamingos.

day trips Cancun

You have to walk through the gift shop to enter the park (smart Xcaret), so I took a picture of my favorite items, the glass hearts. One day I will buy one of these for our casa!

Xcaret merchandise

Next was a stop at one of the maps to figure out exactly where Children’s World / Mundo de Niños was, and we were on our way.

activities for kids Cancun

Xcarer Mundo de Niños

We weren’t sure what to expect, but the first thing you see is this… gorgeous!

Xcaret Park cenote

Xcaret with kids

Basically Children’s World consists of this gorgeous swimming area (there are places to sit around it), a super cool obstacle course, and one of those fun fountains that shoots water from the ground. There are also restrooms and a gift/snack shop.

The website said that parents could not participate in any of the Children’s World activities so I didn’t bring my bathing suit. However, due to customer comments, Xcaret now allows parents to do the obstacle course with their children, swim and play in the fountain.

The obstacle course is really cool and includes two waterslides. Bebé loved it. There is a walkway that follows the course so parents can keep an eye on their kids.

Mundo de Niños Xcaret

Be sure to click on the Instagram video to hear Bebé’s joy and the birdies singing!



When Bebé was ready to move on, we decided to head to Xcaret’s aviary, because we had never been there. But first, we took some pictures at the Mayan ruins, because you can climb them!

Cancun archaeological sites

Then we ran into like 10 of these guys. They kind of freaked Bebé out.

Mexican culture Cancun

Which way to the aviary?

There were all kind of different birds in the aviary, and waterfalls and a sound reflector.

Xcaret macaws

But Bebé needs excitement, so we kind of hurried through the aviary and headed to one of my favorite places, the cemetery. (No I had not just washed my hair, that’s sweat.)

We visited the aquarium next and then kind of hemmed and hawed about what we should do, deciding on just relaxing here for a bit. *sigh*

Then it was time to get moving because we wanted to go up in the scenic tower before the night show, Xcaret Espectacular.

Ran into these guys on the way there.

Mariachi Xcaret

The wait is never very long because the scenic tower is kind of hidden behind el Gran Tlachco (the huge auditorium) and a lot of people can fit on it at once. The tower rotates and the views are beautiful.

Photo by Bebé

Finally, it was time for what may just be the best part of Xcaret, the night show. I don’t want to give too much away, but it truly is spectacular… so professional, so colorful, so Mexican!

Photo: Xcaret

We never get tired of visiting Xcaret, and the new Children’s World / Mundo de Niños is definitely a new favorite!

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