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The Backstreet Boys Sing Their Hits at Moon Palace Cancun


Soooo good.

That’s my official review of the Backstreet Boys concert at Moon Palace Cancun.

🎶 Last Friday Night 🎶 my Cancun bestie and I attended Palace Resorts‘ hugely successful year-end event. I didn’t even realize how much I needed a fun night out and this was the perfect occasion.

The concert was originally planned for December 29, but it sold out so quickly that Palace Resorts added a second show on December 30.

When we arrived there was still parking available inside the resort, but we had to take a bus from where we parked to the Moon Palace Arena. Everything was very well organized. They even gave us a card to help us remember where we parked and which bus we would have to board when the concert was over.

Once we were inside the arena we ordered draft beers. They were huge and cost 100 pesos each (5 usd), which is a bit expensive for Cancun but totally reasonable considering it was a concert. There were also waiters available inside the venue, where the beers went up to 150 pesos (we still bought them LOL).

Cancun events

I was super excited to meet up with the PR girl who hooked me up with the tickets. We have worked together online for years but had never met in person. Palace Resorts has a supurb PR team. We couldn’t believe it when we found out we had floor Front Stage tickets!

By now it was time for our second beer, but there was suddenly loud music coming from inside. The waiter seemed to take forever but finally he brought the beers and we ran in. We were about 3/4 of the way back in the Front Stage section. If we wouldn’t have been so worried about our beer and had gone in earlier we could have been much closer, but it was still pretty close and luckily we are both tall.

The concert began at about 9:15 pm, and well, we screamed like 14 year old girls.

Photo: Palace Resorts

They played it right. They didn’t try to switch things up, they kept it simple, and it was perfect! It was a trip down memory lane (to the 90’s). They have so many hits and they sang all of them. One of the things I loved most about the concert was the fact that everyone in the audience sang along to every song.

Each of them took turns chatting with the audience during breaks/wardrobe changes. The effects and sound system were excellent. At one point there was a video montage of each of them that everyone loved. Nick still seems to be the favorite with the ladies.

Photo: Palace Resorts

The Backstreet Boys weren’t my favorite group or anything, but I know all their hits, have their greatest hits CD (yes CD), and basically I know almost all the words to every song.

Plus, Brian, AJ, Kevin, Howie and Nick look great. The singing and dancing were still on point.

Photo: Palace Resorts

When they left the stage, we knew they were coming back, because they hadn’t sung Everybody!

I do have one negative thing to say that has nothing to do with the band or the concert. Today’s young people need to enjoy experiences instead of filming the entire thing. Of course I took a few photos and videos, but mostly, I sang and danced. I couldn’t help thinking that the band probably notices the cell phone thing as well, since they didn’t exist in the same way in the 90’s.

Here is just a little taste of the concert…

Bravo Backstreet Boys and bravo Moon Palace! It was a night I will never forget! We loved it so much that we wanted to go again the next night.

The Backstreet Boys play a residency show at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, and even if you’re only a semi-fan, I would definitely recommend seeing it!

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