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childrens dentist Cancun

Dental Work in Cancun: Cancun Dental Design


The dentist has never bothered me. I’ve never had any cavities and never had to have braces. I once had all 4 wisdom teeth pulled but I was asleep for that. However, I know that a lot of people are terrified by the dentist, mostly because they have had complicated, painful work done. In addition, dental work is expensive, particularly if you don’t have insurance.

More and more people are traveling to Mexico to get expensive dental work done for a fraction of the price. It’s more economical yet at that same time done by well-trained dentists in professional, high-tech medical offices.

How do I know? Because Bebé and I just had a great experience with Cancun Dental Design. I crossed paths with many tourists who were also having dental work done.

We headed for the Hotel Zone when Bebé’s soccer game was over. When we arrived they took our info and a photo for our file. Bebé was first. Although he hadn’t had any so far, he was really worried that he might have a cavity because I told him what they would do if he did. Probably shouldn’t have mentioned it! He was a little upset at first and they were very sweet and patient.

First the dental assistant cleaned his teeth and then the dentist came in and checked them. 9 years old and still no cavities! Yippee!

dental work Cancun

childrens dentist Cancun

I did ask them about the fact that he grinds his teeth at night and they said they would take a 3D x-ray and have the orthodontist take a look at him. They also said due to the grinding his back teeth no longer have peaks on them. They’re flat. Not good.

The 3D x-ray was so cool! I hadn’t see one of a child’s mouth before. You can see the teeth he has now and the ones that will eventually come in.

3D dental xray Cancun

Dental tourism Mexico

Next it was my turn for a cleaning and laser whitening!

The cleaning was fine, uneventful and not painful. The laser whitening wasn’t painful either, but you have to lie perfectly still for a long time. In my case, 30 minutes. That was kind of tough. Had to talk myself down a couple of times. lol

laser teeth whitening Cancun

Bebé is in this picture too, looking closely at mamá. I think it freaked him out a little at first. Then he went to play on his tablet.

dental tourism Cancun

Then it was back to Bebé, the orthodontist had arrived. He took lots of pictures and molds and told me he’d get back to me.

dental work in Mexico

He did get back to me, and informed me that Bebé has an extra tooth! Luckily, for now we don’t have to do anything about that, but he also said Bebé definitely needed a night guard to protect this teeth from further damage caused by the grinding.

So we visited again to get the mold done.

dentists in Cancun

dental night guard Cancun

And here it is! You can’t really even see it, it’s on his top teeth. He used it while he slept last night and so far, so good.

children's dentist in Cancun

(And Bebé’s hair is getting curly again!)

Here is my whiter smile!

laser whitening Cancun

I feel very comfortable recommending Cancun Dental Design for any dental work. The atmosphere was very relaxed. Everyone was very nice, professional, and they all spoke English. All of the equipment was modern.

Cancun Dental Design is located in Cancun in the Hotel Zone. They have a toll free U.S. number, 1-888-224-2897. The local number is 998-313-4224 They also offer free transportation and travel assistance.

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