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face masks in Cancun

Cancun in the Time of Coronavirus Part 2


Hello there! I cannot believe have not posted since April, right after this Covid disaster began. To be honest, as things futher unfolded, I had absolutely no desire to post. The next few months were mostly spent in the house, other than a weekly visit to Walmart and a weekly visit with my Cancun bestie. Things started to improve a bit in the fall, and although things aren’t anywhere close to being back to normal, I have decided that I should start blogging again.

We have been able to take a few trips recently, which I will talk about in a couple of future posts, but this post will be about some of the highlights in the past 10 months (wow) and the general situation in Cancun.

During the pandemic Mexican states have operated on a “stoplight” system. Red was total lockdown, orange was next level up (yes annoying, no orange light on a stoplight), then yellow, then green I guess would be when the whole $hitshow is over.

We made it to yellow in September, and soccer started again, with shorter practices and precautions in place. Bebé has not been back to in-person school since March. During a longer than usual summer break, he played WAY too much XBox and had first video and then semi-private in-person soccer classes a couple times a week.

And he is HUGE… taller, bigger, has the same size feet as I do and can finally sit in the front seat of the car.

I have been working from home full-time (40 hours) since March for 50% of my pay and I haven’t not gotten any of my freelance work back. I won’t elaborate futher on this point. You know what they say, if you don’t have anything nice to say…

We did not take our yearly summer trip to the U.S.

We sit RIGHT across from each other Monday-Friday. Not ideal. lol

online school Coronavirus Cancun

We experienced one tropical storm and two hurricanes since I last posted. I was here for Hurricane Wilma in 2005 and the whole thing was basically a nightmare, so was worried about Hurricane Delta, which hit as a category 2 on October 6. Although I barely slept, we fared well, and never even lost power or internet. (After Hurricane Wilma I did not have power, water or gas for 12 days!) However, there were TONS of downed trees in Cancun and in my neighborhood.

damage Hurricane Delta Cancun

The trees that they cleaned up and put on the divider stayed there for months.

Hurricane Zeta hit October 26 but didn’t do much damage in my area.

I must say we have managed to make some lemonade out of the lemons. Here are some of the positive highlights from the last 6-7 months or so.

In September we celebrated my birthday by staying a night at Cancun Plaza (we went really early one day and left late the next), a condo building in the Hotel Zone. It’s a great place for those who don’t want to stay in an all-inclusive resort. It is an older building but many of the condos have been remodeled. The beach is beautiful and not busy because of the location and the pool is really nice.

Mexico English copywriter


Cancun condominium rentalsThis was the first time we had really ventured out since the pandemic began, but we were outside most of the time or in the rooms. It was great to feel normal and free.

In October Bebé turned 11! We had a very small, very simple party with just a few of his best buds, pizza and homemade cake.

During this time we also went to three birthday parties that were probably a bit risky if I’m being honest. We got lucky I guess. It was so nice to actually get dressed up and put make-up on!

Cancun travel writer

At the end of October, we set up our very first Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead) alter. I really like how it turned out.

simple Day of the Dead alter

At the beginning of the pandemic Papi did not visit because he works in a hotel, but then he got laid off for 4 months and started to visit again.

I continued to work out and take my daily walks. Saved my sanity!

Cancun suburbs

And just last month, my mom visited! I was little worried, but we were careful and we had a fun and safe visit! We (well mostly she, I assisted) made sour cream cookies and peanut butter fudge, two of my old favorites from my childhood.

We went out one night and had dinner at Sahara in Parque las Palapas. They serve Lebanese food. It was excellent and inexpensive.

Middle Eastern restaurant Cancun

Then we went to Marina Town Center in Puerto Cancun and had some cocktails in the food court. There is a bar and it is all open air and has great views!

bars Marina Town Center

It was easy to social distance at both places. So nice to get out!

Those were just a few of the highlights from the last few months. We also had a wonderful holiday season.

Last but not least, can we please talk about masks?

When I figured out that masks were going to be absolutely necessary. I got one for Bebé and one for myself.

face masks in public Cancun

I wanted a prettier one, so I got two embroidered masks.

Mexican face masks

However, got a rash around my mouth almost immediately, even though I didn’t have to wear one very often or for very long.

I tried different creams but in the end, paper masks and cooler weather were really the only things that helped. It isn’t completely gone, but it’s much better.

face masks in Cancun

As you can see we finally managed to get haircuts as well. Bebé’s hair was downright bushy and mine was long and stringy.

I am sorry to report that last week Cancun went back to the orange stoplight. Although there was a temporary spike in tourism over the holidays, it has dropped drastically again. Canada has now cancelled all flights to Mexico and the Caribbean until at least April, and the U.S. and many other countries now require a negative covid test to enter. The good thing is that it is easy to get a test and many hotels offer them right onsite and even have programs in place should a guest test positive. There are also extensive protocols in place to keep guests safe during their stay.

I feel I must say that I have had various visitors from the U.S. and Canada and know many other people who have flown during the pandemic, and not one of them has become ill. I believe it is safe if you take the proper precautions.

I feel optimistc that by summer things will pick up again. In the meantime, we are hanging in there, and we hope you are too!


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