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Two Visits to Chelem, Yucatan During the Covid-19 Pandemic


You may remember that we visited the tiny town of Chelem, Yucatan for the first time in February of 2020. For more info about where Chelem is located, how to get there, etc., check out the post about that first trip.

During the pandemic we have had the opportunity to visit Chelem twice, and may visit once more in March.

I have kind of fallen in love with this little beach town, and Yucatan in general.

In early November 2020 we visited was for an entire week. We stayed in a large rental home right on the beach, which we found on Airbnb.


The main reasons we chose it were because of the outdoor dining-living room and the big pool. Many homes on the beach only have a dipping pool.

You could also hang out in the indoor living room (playing Xbox for instance lol) and feel like you were at the pool because of the huge sliding glass doors.

The house was quite large, there were 3 bedrooms available while the 4th, the master bedroom was closed off.

It wasn’t perfect. All of the pots and pans where old, the grill didn’t work, the decoration was meh, and I am pretty sure that nobody had been there for about a year, so it seemed a little rundown, However, the kitchen was huge, there was awesome WiFi and television from the U.S. There was also a game room upstairs with ping-pong, darts and foosball.

We went with our dear friends from home (here is a selfie from morning coffee time)…

… and Malcolm’s friend (sitter) which let me tell you was wonderful!

We had a bit of a hiccup when we first got there. There is an abandoned house next to the one we rented. There were TONS of bees that set up shop there. The very first night, one stung Bebé on the hand. This didn’t seem like a big deal at first, but the next day his hand swelled up and he developed a fever. After some deliberation about whether the fever was caused by the bee sting, we decided to give him a Benedryl, which totally knocked him out of course, and then later we gave him an ibuprofen. Those two things did the trick. I did some research and found out that if children are stung when they are young (he had been stung twice before this when he was quite small) it can make them more sensitive to future stings.

Anyway, after that incident it was basically smooth sailing, and Bebé was in charge of cleaning the dead bees out of the pool every morning.

We really didn’t go anywhere except for the grocery story and Oxxo! It was fantastic. Our days were spend cooking, eating, cleaning up and cooking again. The sitter made homemade chilaquiles one morning…


We swam in the pool, often while drinking cocktails…



We had our local friends over, or went to their place…


We played on the beach…

And we also swam in the ocean and spent quite a bit of time just staring at it.

Our next trip was in January, 5 nights spent with the same friends in a private house that they rented from a friend. This time we brought my mom too, who was visiting from the U.S.

If you look closely you can see Mom waving from the porch…




I was on vacation from work, but Bebé had just started school again after Christmas vacation, however, since school is still virtual, we brought the laptop and he “went to” school in Chelem!

This time the weather was much cooler and very windy most days, but since I live here all year and really get tired of the sweating, lol, I was fine with that. We didn’t let it stop us from hanging out on the beach.

It was warm and calm one day, so during his school break, Bebé went paddleboarding with his ¨Tio”.



Our dear friends prepared some delicious meals…

And we had some beautiful sunrises…


And some beautiful sunsets…


I can’t wait until our next visit to Chelem. It’s such a sleepy, relaxing place.

Living in Mexico is not always easy, but I love being close to these amazing places.

Coronavirus note:

While my mom was here, the U.S. decided to require that Americans have a negative Covid-19 test in order to board their flight home. We had her tested at a lab (Chopo). It took 5 minutes and they e-mailed us the (negative) results.

The moral of the story is… it is very easy to get tested for Covid before returning to your country. The antigen tests are less expensive and the U.S. accepts them, while Canada requires a PCR test. Many resorts have onsite testing and there is testing available at various different labs and in the airport as well.

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