What am I still doing in Cancun?

The adventures of an American single mommy working and playing in paradise.



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I’m an American expat singing, salsa-dancing, Community Manager/Travel Writer, 40-something mother of a Mexican-American-Cuban son. I grew-up in Michigan and attended Michigan State University (Go Green! Go White!). After college I lived in Chicago for about 9 years, and had two different careers, until I got the bright idea to move to Cancun. I met my Cuban musician husband here (definitely wasn’t as simple as it sounds) and our son was born in 2009. We are now separated, but I love life as a single, working mother in Cancun.


  1. I look forward to this…how long were you in Mexico before you felt comfortable with the language? Do you speak Mexican with idioms? Do you know verb tenses? Did you learn by living there or did you take classes?

  2. You Are Not Alone!!! I am 43-yr-old mother of two beautiful Mexican babies married to a Mexican I met in the US. I have been “stuck” here in paradise for almost nine years now (San Miguel de Allende). Chicago sounds pretty freaking fantastic right about now…if you ever make it up “north” to GTO, look me up and we can whine together!

  3. hello
    just stumbled accross your blog and wondered if you had any advice for me. i´m an american who has just spent the last three years in peru and im now in cancun in search of a job (preferably teaching english). i have been told about harmon hall. how difficult is it to get a job with them? do you have any other suggestions? thanks!

    • Hi Daniel,

      I worked at HH 10 years ago, so I have no idea how difficult it is to get a job there these days. Berlitz and Ingles Individual are two other schools. I know there are more but I don’t know names, sorry. Good luck! Welcome to Cancun!

  4. Hi!
    I love your blog, I want to move to cancun and I would love to ask you some questions about living there but I can´t find your email adress, do you mind to email me? thank you!

  5. Hello!! I was really hoping to find someone like you I could ask some questions – I am a canadian dance choreographer and am moving to Cancun to be with my fiance. I wouldd really like some feedback or help if you can possibly reply 🙂 I cannot seem to find actual dance studios to contact? I teach mostly jazz, contemporary and hip hop…I dont really want to work at a resort however i would if thats all there is. I just got back from Cancun and actually saw some studios although they were not open at the time. Can you give me any names of studios or direction on where I can find that? Your story is inspiring!!! That will be me very soon – i Hope!!

    Thanks kindly

    • Hi Wendi,

      Your best bet would probably be to work at a resort. Most dance studios here would probably pay very little and won’t hire you without work papers and won’t have the resources to obtain papers for you. Once you are here you may be able to make some contacts and work something out, but initially you might want to try something like the activities team at a hotel. Another idea…my husband works for Iberostar. They hire dancers as hotel employees for their shows and help with work papers. They pay pretty well and feed you and give you a place to live as well.

  6. Hello, I am thinking about moving to Cancun. I live in St. Louis, Missouri. I am 33 yrs old and I have a 14 year old son who is half mexican. I have friends that live in Canun and want me to come live there with my son. I speak fluent spanish but my son does not. I have been reading your blogs and thought you would be the best person to talk to. I would like to know more information on the school system (schools in english and spanish) and on employment. I have always had a heart for Mexico and I am worried that my son will not like it. I have been to Mexico three times before. Twice to Guadalajara (my sons grandparents live in Guadalajara) and once to Copandaro, Michoacan. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    • Hi Kara,

      My son is still in daycare, so I don’t have a lot of information about schools, however I do know that the public schools are mediocre at best. Everyone who is able sends their kids to private school. There are many options, including bilingual, and at many prices. My personal opinion is that any big change like a move to a foreign country would be difficult for a 14 year old. That being said, I don’t know your son, he might love the change and the challenge. How does he feel about his school now? His friends? The weather and the beach do make up for a lot.

      Cancun is nothing like the places you have visited before. Since it is a tourism city it is a completely different animal.

      Have you thought about what you would do for work?

  7. Hello! My name is Katy, and I just read your blog on working at Harmon Hall. I have an interview on Tuesday at the Merida location and would like to ask you a few questions about it if you don’t mind! Email me if you get a chance! sagrerok@gmail.com. I also have a blog, if you’re interested (katyinmexico.blogspot.com)!!

  8. Hey guys my name is Gonzalo I’m from Mexico but I live in Toronto for 12 years
    So I’m new here in cancun Ilove to met salseros becase I think is one the most beutiful dance
    Ahhh I need to find the job too
    People please tell me Wich salsa club is good

    • Hi Gonzalo, the best are Rinconcito de la Salsa, but they are in the process of moving right now, and Grand Mambo Cafe.

  9. You are welcome that nice place to be
    In joy the wether is very hoot

  10. I came across your website while looking for the Cancun Musicians Union. Great website. Do you know how I can in touch with them? I operate a restaurant in Puerto Morelos and have musical groups in high season. I need to ask them questions about hiring a group that may not be part of the union and if I do would I get in trouble. Thanks for any info you can give me.

    • Hi Valerie, here is a link to their contact page…


      I believe there is another union as well but I have only worked with this one. That being said, I worked a lot of places where the union wasn’t involved, mostly in the Riviera Maya. You might want to ask some other business owners in the area about what they do before you contact CROC.

      What is the name of your restaurant? We will probably move to Puerto Morelos around the end of this year!

  11. Hi Kristin. I love your blog. It reminds me of my days of living in Cancun. Salsa filled nights, the beach, achieving your goals and facing ur fears. The greasy tacos at 3:00am on Avenida Tulum after a night at Señor Frogs. Looking for work, broken promises, long waits at immigration, ah yes, even the garbage filled of poopy paper! Cancun must really have changed since my days there. U bring a smile to my face as I walk down memory lane. Just wanted to say gracias.

    • Thank you so much Charlotte! I am so happy that you enjoy and relate to my adventures. When did you live here? For how long?

      • Hi Kristin. Like you, I up and moved to Cancun from Toronto at a young age. I was 23 and full of anticipation of a beach lifestyle. I was there from 1995-2000. Lucky for me, I moved with my best friend. Is El Melau and Cafe Roots still around? El bebe is gorgeous by the way. What a beautiful blessing. I can’t tell u how cool it is to read ur entries. I constantly say, “I remember that!”

        • Well I was a lot older than you! haha I was 32 when I moved here! I just missed you…I moved here in 2001. You left just in time, Cancun started changing rapidly a couple of years after I moved here. If you visited now you would not believe it.

          Melau, which was one of my favorite places, is long gone, but Roots is still going strong.

          Thank you, yes, my Bebé really is a beautiful blessing. 🙂

          It’s wonderful that you have great memories of your time here. That was my intention and now I’m stuck here. haha

  12. Hi,
    We have just created a blog network page for Mexico and your blog has been included. Please can you contact me as I wanted to send you a “Top Blog” badge.

    Kind regards

    • What a great blog! I’m half-Mexican (my father’s from Jerez, Zacatecas) and I’d like to teach English in Mexico (probably Guadalajara). I would love to hear more of your experiences – it concerns me that you feel stuck! If you wouldn’t mind, please e-mail me. 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your adventures with the world!


  13. Hi Kristin, great tweets! Do you know of a good beach soccer camps or local teams practicing in July and August for 8-12 year olds in Playa or Cancun…?

  14. Love your blog title… Cancun is a fantastic place. Do you ever return home to Michigan, holidays and such? I imagine that one can miss home even when in paradise.

  15. Hi Kristin, I stumbled upon your blog as I was searching for good salsa clubs in Cancun. Although I’ve been to Cancun and surroundings a few times, I also I’m Mexican and aware of the fact that things, clubs, etc., can be there one day and not the next. i will be visiting at the end of Sep. 2012. Can you please let me know where I can go get my salsa groove on?
    Love your blog! Read it throughly and think you are a great person and have a beautiful family!
    Whenever you come back to Chicago don’t miss “Alhambra” nightclub on Tuesday night 😉
    Thank you for taking the time to read. Keep going. You’ve quite a gift for blogging.

  16. Kristin, Hi, I’m visting Cancun with my family and I was wondering if you knew anyone I could contact to get a behind the scenes tour of either Tulum or Chichen Itza. I write fiction, love Mayan archeticure, and would like to feature it in my next book.

    Let me know, thank you!

  17. I, myself , am a former Michigander ( flushing– outside of Flint). I also lived in Chicago for 10 years and currently reside in NYC. I am moving to CANCUN in April and your blog is like water for me. Amazing.
    Any tips you would give for me would be greatly appreciated. I am an ESL teacher here in NYC. And will be teaching in CANCUN. Thanks

    • Hi Trevor, thanks for reading. 🙂 I hope you weren’t affected by Sandy.

      Do you already have a job set up? There have been recent changes in immigration that prevent someone from arriving as a tourist and then changing their tourist visa to a work visa.

  18. Hi,
    Really great Post! I’ve enjoyed reading through your blog because of the great style and energy. I have a blog on travel theme. If you’re interested, we would love to have you on as a guest blogger. Please send me an e-mail and I can give you more information. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  19. Hi, I found you searching for places to dance salsa. I’m going to Cancun with my husband and I would love to go to some place were I can dance it. The last time we did not go, because we only knew Mambo Cafe, and did not know if it was safe to go there as tourists. I visited Katsuya`s site and it seems not to have salsa on fridays anymore. Do have any other suggestion on the touristic area? Thanks a lot!

    • Hi,

      Looks I need to update my Salsa post! You’re right Katsuya does not have Salsa on Fridays anymore. Unfortunately there aren’t any Salsa clubs in the Hotel Zone, but it is perfectly safe for you to go downtown to Grand Mambo Cafe in Plaza Hong Kong (across the street from Walmart) or the new Casa de la Salsa, open Wednesdays-Saturdays in Plaza Peninsula on Avendia Bonampak, which is the street that separates the Hotel Zone from downtown.

      Have fun! Azuuuuuuucar! 😉

  20. Hello Kristin….I’d been reading your stories and watching your pictures. Your Bebe is so pretty. ! My daughter was born in Canada and emigrated to Cancun after she came on vacation. Therefore I come to Cancun very often. I love to dance cuban salsa and I think you might have some connection of a good place to go and also, take lesson for some of my daughter’s friend. I will appreciate your respond. Have a great week.

  21. Hello I’m a 28 year old Mexican male that was raised in the Dallas Tx area since I was 5 years old. So I was born in Mexico but raised in the US of A. I’m happily married to a beautiful and amazing 22 year old African American woman. We actually got married at the moon palace in may 2011. Now we are planning on moving to cancun and starting a new life together and I was hoping you could share some advice on getting a job and a place to live and just getting started. I’m fluent in both Spanish and English and have a high school diploma my wife is still assisting Texas woman’s university but will graduate in may. She just started getting familiar with the Spanish language when we married as you can imagine I have a million questions and would really appreciate your help.

    • Hi Ivan,

      Research, research, research, there is a lot of info on the internet about people moving to Mexico and specifically to Cancun.

      Immigration policies have changed a lot recently and a tourist visa (which is what your wife will get when she arrives in Mexico) cannot be changed to a work permit. Permission to work has to be arranged ahead of time, before a foreigner’s arrival. I do not know if you need to have a job offer to receive permission to work.

      I don’t know what your work history is or what your skills are, but there are maily two industries that most English speaking people work in upon their arrival, teaching English and selling timeshare. You can get a good idea of what other jobs are available here… http://www.computrabajo.com.mx/

      I would visit before you move here if possible to look into a place to live, and when you do move make sure you have a good amount of money in the bank. Best of luck!

  22. Thank you for the info It’s appreciated, one more question how much is enough money in the bank?

    • Well, enough money for flights home in case it doesn’t work out, a security deposit and 1st month’s rent on a place to live and money to live until you find employment.

  23. Hello,
    I am a 53 year old medical health professional from California looking for a job opportunity in my field when i relocate to Cancun. Have you had any other inquiries of this type of employment requests and what would it take to start the process of looking? Thank You, Marilyn

    • Hi Marilyn, I’m really sorry but I don’t know anything about that field. However you should look into the new immigration laws applying to foreigners looking to work in Mexico. As far as I know you now need permisson before you arrive. Best of luck!

  24. I’m moving in June, do you recommend and shipping company’s?

  25. We are Isla-holics and love seeing you enjoy the island too. Love seeing your adventures and your little one growing up and able to live so many different cultures. Hope to someday travel to Cuba.

    • Hi Jeanette, I DO love Isla. Thanks for reading and commenting! Maybe we’ll meet in person someday.

      Yes, you must make the very short trip to Cuba, it’s well worth it!

  26. Hi, love your blog! We, my husband, 16 & 11 year old girls will be living in Cancun over this summer. I was wondering if you know anyone you would recommend as Real Estae agent that can help us with finding a place to live. I am of Cuban descent and speak Spanish fluently. My husband will be opening a Plastic Surgery Office in Cancun and he is also looking for a office manager who speaks fluent Spanish & English and has some experience in esthetics or this field, in case you might know of anyone. Thanks!

    • Hi Lisette, I might be able to help with an employee when the office is ready to open. I will ask friends about a real estate agent. I don’t know any personally. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  27. Hi, We’d love to feature your blog in cancun360.mx

  28. Love Cancun!!! Can’t wait to go back soon!!!

  29. Hello! I have been reading various posts from your blog! I am in the works of hopefully moving to Cancun in the Fall. I am hoping to be able to teach English. I was wondering if you could give me a suggestions of places to look in the Cancun area. I was going to get my TESOL hopefully sometime this summer. I NEED SOME GUIDANCE PLEASE. 🙂 I had an internship lined up last Fall and it totally fell through, long story. Anyway, I would really appreciate any help you could give me. Thank you so much!

    • Hi Allie,

      You shouldn’t have much of a problem finding a job teaching English in Cancun. Many hotels provide English classes for their employees, both public and private schools have English programs and then there are English schools like Harmon Hall and Ingles Individual.

      You should look into the new immigration laws. I understand that it is no longer possible to move here and then get permission to work, but that you must have permission before you arrive. That being said, I do believe it would be very difficult to get hired long distance.

      There is a lot of information online about moving here, so research research research! Good luck!

  30. Hey cancun family!! I loved looking at your blog! Im currently in the process of moving to cancun.. I visited recently and fell in love.. with the country the people.. everything.. im only 21 and decided before I have any commitments or anything now is the time to make a big move. But I would love some help via another american. Safe places to live? Little things I need to know. If you could help in anyway it would be greatly appreciated! I will be back in september to look at places to live! 🙂

    • Hi Kimberly, you’ll be fine living anywhere right downtown. The most important thing you need to look into is the new employment laws for foreigners!

  31. Great photos! I’ll be traveling for the 1st time to cancun end of July for a week and would love to know where a bacahta/meregue/salsa lover can go dance in a real club….not the commercial senor frogs lol

  32. I just moved to Tulum 6 weeks ago, and I was offered job at a school. I know they don’t pay much here, but dose any one have an idea on how much an English teacher can make a month?

    • Hi Evelyn,

      Tulum… nice!

      I made about 6000 pesos a month over 10 years ago. I would imagine that teachers make around 10,000 in Cancun now. It’s possible that they might make less in Tulum.

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  34. Hey, thank you for updating Salsa opportunities.
    I am looking for a dancing teacher to become a better salsero in december in Cancun. Could you help me with that? My level is advanced but as profesor de baile Europeo I never studied Salsa well before. I want to train several hours a day to become a teacher myself.
    Thanx for your e-mail.

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  36. Hi! Do you ever use babysitters in Cancun? If so, do you have one you would recommend?

    • Hi yes I do Pam but I’m sorry, I wouldn’t feel right giving their personal information to someone I don’t know. Do you live in Cancun?

  37. I am 61 and diabetic. I receive $1,157 each month from Soc. Sec. Can I afford to live in Cancun?

  38. Hi ! I came across your blog a couple weeks ago. Looks like you are having a great time in Cancun. I have been once before and I am considering coming back and spending a year. Any tips on places I can look for an apartment ?? Any websites you can suggest for me ? Thanks for your time.

  39. Hello Kristin,

    I´ve been trying to reach you though Twitter but not sure you are getting my messages. I work for a property management company and we would love for you to review one of our front beach condos.

    I look forward to a reply soon!

    Paulina 🙂

  40. Hey Kristin! I am currently conducting a market study on the selling of revolutionary flip flops in Mexico, and my team and I have recently focused our attention on Cancun.

    We love your blog and how active you are within the region, and were wondering whether you could give us some pointers on where people can usually buy flip flops (surf shops? malls?) and where we can find those store the most?

    We thank you in advance for your help, and wish you a great day! x

    • Hi, um, what a weird question. haha I usually buy my flip-flops from Old Navy in the US, but I think people here buy them all over Cancun… ie in malls, grocery stores, the market. Tourists also buy them in resort gift shops. I hope that helps you! Thanks for reading!

  41. Hi Kristen, Please contact me about a writing opportunity for PlayaLive Magazine. Teena Clipston

  42. Hi.Im trying to move to Cancun.Im already living in Mexico but Im residing in a border town .I was deported from U.S.A. http://youtu.be/bBgdIn5SsCg (link to my youtube channel-I talk about my situation) .I don’t know anyone there -Im actually a little scared..Ive been trying to find out about working at Hooters;would you happen to know how much a waitress can make on average ?Or any good waitressing job.I am a Mexican citizen -billingual Spanish/English ..https://www.facebook.com/cancunsusie my facebook

    • I’m sorry Susie, I have no idea how much waitresses make, but I’m sure most of it is in tips, but if you are a Mexican citizen and speak Spanish and English that would help you to get a job here. Check out the Cancun lisitings on computrabajo.com.mx to get an idea of what is available. Best of luck.

  43. Hi is this blog stil active? I would love to get some tips from You. I have my boyfriend in México and u want to work there. Thanks for answer… / Cassandra

    • Hi Cassandra, yes the blog is still active. Unfortunately immigration regulations have recently changed and foreigners who want to work in Mexico must be hired from their home countries. If you come on your own you would have to work illegally so you may want to apply for jobs from wherever you live.

  44. We have an immediate opportunity for a Patient Care Coordinator to join our devoted and enthusiastic team! We moved here almost 4 months ago from Florida, love Cancun and hope to build a great practice with a great team.
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    Act as patient liaison, providing excellent customer service and facilitating open communication from the initial visit to post-operative visit.
    Prepare initial paperwork for processing of surgical patients into scheduling system (Financial agreements, etc).
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    Required Skills
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  45. Hiya Kris. I loved your journal! ! I am planning to visit Cancun but also wotj a hope to stay. I would like to ask you a few question very quickly 🙂 can you email me pleaseeeeee thank you so much x

  46. Dear whatamistilldoingincancun,

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  47. Hi there! Love your blog!!! My Bf and I are coming in May and since he is Spanish and speaks fluent spanish decided to rent a car and tour the peninsula. We are hoping to get to some cenotes and ruins! Could I ask you a few questions regarding renting a car and the police ? I am a bit nervous and could also use advice about must hit spots. Thx. Ps I am also a fellow Michigander! Go Green 🙂

    • Hi Kathleen, what are your questions? In general if you rent a car and obey traffic laws and the speed limit, you shouldn’t have any problems. You can see tons of cenotes on La Ruta de los Cenotes in Puerto Morelos, just south of Cancun, and since you will rent a car I would visit Coba Mayan ruins, since you can still climb the big pyramid there and it’s not as busy as Chichen Itza. Also, make sure you visit El Mirador/Playa Delfines in the Hotel Zone to take a picture at the new CANCUN sign.

  48. I am a preschool teacher on Vancouver Island,Canada. Our preschool is looking to exchange postcards with preschools all over the world. Can you recommend a program that might be interested?

  49. Hi Kristin!!! I am looking for my friend Victor. I l have lost touch with him in the last couple of years. . My sister, niece and daughter are in Cancun now and I wanted them to meet him. He was manager of fat Tuesdays 10 years ago. Then I think he managed The City, Dady’s or Congo Bongo. Now he is owner or partners in a club for Cancun locals. Do you know his last name or the name of the Club he owns or works for now? He has my number. If you have his cell number… please have him call RoseAnne Munson. Thank you so much!!! I wish I was in sunny Cancun!!!

  50. Hello Kristin ¡¡ My name is Poncho (alfonso) I am a father of two girls mexico-Japanese here in cancun .

    is very interesting and funy you website congratulations¡¡¡


  51. I apologize for having to contact you through your “Comments.” However, I have been unable to find your email address.

    I wanted to contact you to discuss a book I have written for expatriates living in México, Planning for the Inevitable, and a website I have created for selling the book.

    If you would click on the link below, you will see the email I am sending other bloggers in México, which will explain my proposal.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Murry Page


    • Hi Murry, I try to focus my blog more on things to do, places to stay, and about life in Cancun, than about how to move, retire or die here ;), but I wish you the best of luck with your project!

  52. Hi Kristin!!

    Is your blog still active? So nice reading all your info…just what I needed!

    I am moving to cancun in August from the UK with my boyfriend to work/relocate, and am very nervous, i have no idea what to expect!

    Would be great if we could email, please could you send me your address if thats okay

    Thank you 🙂

    • Hi Hanna, my blog is still active. I can answer any specific questions you have right here, but you might want to start by reading relevant posts on my blog and all of their comments. Especially this one… http://whatamistilldoingincancun.com/2011/07/06/how-to-get-a-job-in-cancun/

      • Hi Kristin

        Fortunately i have a job set up! I was firstly wondering about the crime rate and how safe you feel out and about, have seen so many documentaries about this and that happening in cancun….

        • Those documentaries are sensationalized. Yes there is crime here, but I lived in Chicago, so crime is nothing new to me. I don’t feel that I am danger as I make my way through my daily life, if that is what you are asking, but I am careful and pay attention to what is happening around me, like I would be anywhere else.

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  54. I’ve just found your blog open on my computer when I sat down to write a diary entry – I guess my wife found it, and spent 10 mins or so reading about drivers in Cancun – woah! I definitely wanna catch up when we go there! We’re Aussies (well, wife originally from Mexico) and we’ll arrive early Jan next year (2020) and plan on living there the whole year. I’d love to hear all about life in Cancun. Message me to set it up 🙂

    • Hi, thanks for reading. I provide information on my blog but don’t meet up with people in person. You might want to join the Cancun Expats Facebook group to learn more about living in Cancun.

  55. Hello What am I still doing in Cancun,

    I work for a website called Expat Arrivals that provides advice for expats and am currently in the process of updating our guide to moving to Mexico. I came across your blog while doing research was wondering whether you might be interested in doing an interview with us about expat life in Mexico?

    Feel free to pop me an email (clare@expatarrivals.com) if you’d like to talk more. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Warm regards,

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