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What am I still doing in Cancun?

The adventures of an American single mommy working and playing in paradise.


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  1. Hi there, I moved to Cancun 4 days ago to be with my Mexican partner, think im still in shock. Left my home and job and friends in Australia to follow my heart, how long did it take you to settle in here? thanks for you blog too 🙂

    • Hi Emma,

      4 days ago?? Um, yeah, you’re still in shock. I felt much better as soon as I started working and got into a routine. Did you see the posts of the e-mails I wrote when I first arrived?

      Good luck, let me know if I can help with any advice or anything like that!

  2. Made me laugh! I know the feeling of being “stuck” in paradise 😉
    I’ll be following your blog! ¡Saludos desde Morelia, Michoacan!

  3. hi there..i moved here about 3 years ago (im bad with keeping track of time)..i pretty much lived my entire life in chicago and im not really sure how i found this blog but its interesting to see how other people handle the changes..although i have yet to check out most of the blog (skimmed by most of it n read a few things)..anywho i just wanted to say hi and cool blog

  4. Hi there,i just want you to know that i love it your blog.I spend 8 days in CANCUN and i fell in love with the city.i wanna move there,but i think its a little hard to find a job.and I LOVE MAMBO CAFE.Im in san diego and… mi piensamientos en CANCUN.Ill try to keep my feet in the ground , because vacation is one thing and routine (day by day ) its another.but being a brazilian,i love the music,the people, the weather, the happiness,etc.i speak spanish but i dont know how to write.well i wanna be stuck in paradise.take care and be happy

  5. Hi I found your blog while doing research on Cancun and the area. I enjoy reading it. I am going on vacation there in 2 days with my boyfriend and staying for a month. We are staying in Playa del Carmen. He wants to move there so I will be following him soon after he gets settled. Reading your blog has encouraged me for our new adventure in life. I am looking forward to visiting paradise and eventually moving to paradise.

    • Thanks Aida, I’m so glad all my complaining helps someone. lol I love Playa, you are going to have the adventure of a lifetime! Keep in touch!

  6. could you please contact me via email? sundaythe29@aim.com
    im considering moving to cancun…would like to ask a few things with people directly as much as possible before i make my final decision..

  7. OLA OLA..HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!I WISH YOU THE BEST IN LIFE.im glad to find out that your arm/shoulder got better.i was at mambo cafe back im june and i love the band seccion latina.do you know how living la lisa louca is doing?she doesnt have any news in her blog since march.please ,would you give me any update on that ?i appreciate.i love her blog as yours.and i still here in san diego ,problably moving back to brazil after 7 years in san diego and few others in san jose.

  8. Hi, I was searching for something else and came across your site. Great reading. I moved to Guadalajara more than a year ago from the San Francisco Bay Area. . .loving it! We hope to see Cancun soon!!

    Lovely family you have. Thanks for writing!

    • Hi Sherry! I would LOVE to visit Guadalajara someday. I have heard great things about it.

      Cancun definitely has it’s good points as well.

      My boys are pretty cute, aren’t they? 😉 Thank you. 🙂

  9. We are moving to Mahahual which is about 4 1/2 hours south of Cancun. We enjoy reading your adventure!

    • Thanks Robert! I thought that pretty much only people I know read my blog. haha

      Mahahual, I haven’t been there yet but I bet it’s beautiful and I’m sure you’re going to love it. I am going to check out your blog right now!

  10. Just stumbled onto your blog. I thought I had seen them all. I have been in Cancun for a little over a year and unfortunately do not enjoy it. I recently started a blog but warn people before reading it because it isn’t very positive, just an outlet for my immense frustrations. It will take me a while to get through yours but it’s really good and maybe will help to improve my attitude:)

  11. Could you please tell me more about changes to the fm3 I can’t believe you can’t switch over from your tourist visa. Are there any ways around this?

  12. I was born in Merida Yucatan, living in salt lake city for the last 16 years and ready to come back home. I have had a great life here. I found a great job that placed me among the top of the upper class here, Can’t wait to feel the warmth of cancun and cozumel. Before moving to slc to attend school here I lived in cancun afor a year and now i’m sure that there is nothing like it in the us. I hope there are great opportunities there for bilingual people.

  13. Hi, I have been following your website for some time now, I mainly read late at night! You are living the dream I have always had! I have enjoyed seeing pics & reading about all of your adventures! Keep on doing what you are doing! This is great, I always look forward to it!

  14. Hi, I am in Del City, OK and found your website while looking for Cancun fashion. I am taking a Spanish class at Rose State. I have a power point presentation to for my final exam!! The teacher assigned that I tell about fashion design in Cancun so I have alot of outfits and pictures. I was hoping you might e-mail me and tell me what you think is the best time of year in Cancun for visiting. Also, if you could tell me your opinion of the fashion culture and what’s in style, I would be very grateful. Sorry to hear of your divorce, hope you, your little one, and ex find a happy medium…

    • Hi Deena,

      Thanks for your question. The best time to visit Cancun… hmmm… depends. High season (when we have the most visitors) is December through March/April and July and August. The weather is a bit cooler in the winter (but still warm) and very hot and humid in the summer. Then again, it’s great to visit during low season months because prices are lower and there are fewer people here. It depends what you are looking for.

      Fashion really only began to emerge in Cancun in the last 5 years or so with new shopping malls and high end boutiques and a more cosmopolitan population from all over Mexico and the world. Beach chic is popular… trendy maxi dresses, big sunglasses, scarves, sandals, sarongs, a nice bag, cool hats… and there are some Mexican and South American designers that incorporate indigenous details into their work, but otherwise, just like the rest of the world, Europe decides what’s fashionable.

      I JUST visited one of Cancun’s newest boutiques, El Bourne. Check them out on Facebook.

      Good luck with your assignment!

  15. Hi! I was wondering if I could put your blog on my website for my clients? They would love your blog! Pls email me is this would be possible! Many thanks

  16. Hello! what a beautiful compilation of you and Bebe’s adventures!
    Thank you for the Xcaret tips, my boyfriend and I will be traveling to Cancun and visiting Xcaret August 10. I am trying to get out things together and I have to admit that I’m overwhelmed of what to take (and not take…lol).
    I wanted to ask you for some advice, My boyfriend lives in one of the border cities and I have always lived in California. We are planning our lives together and this brings me to what kind of job I could possible get? Did you have a hard time finding work ? From what I’ve read, you need a visa to work in Mexico…Could you please share some of your thoughts…Thank you! =) Love your blog!

    • Thanks Diana, I’m so happy to hear that you like the blog. 🙂

      Just bring lightweight, comfortable clothes that you can mix and match. Sun and Maxi dresses are great too.

      There are new immigration laws. You will now have to get a work visa BEFORE you come to Mexico to work. I don’t know a lot of details but you should be able to find information online. In Cancun most foreigners start out teaching English, working in a call center or selling timeshare, but there are exceptions.

      What kind of job you can get will depend on what city you plan to live in, what languages you speak and your education/skills.

  17. Hello my fellow American Lady,
    I hope you are well. I so enjoy reading your posts. I am preparing for my trip to Cancun. I will be arriving November 2nd. My husband and I are salsa dancers. You were kind enough to offer suggestions last year for salsa dancing..
    We had a great time at the Mambo Cafe.
    Was wondering if the Mambo is still there and if you have any other suggestions? Things change quickly so I thought I would double check. We will be in Cancun for the whole week. Looking forwrd to getting away to relax and dance.

    • Hi Linda, I’m so glad that you like the blog. Gran Mambo Cafe is still open. The rest of the post is current except there is a new place on Yaxchilan called Macumba la Casa de la Salsa and I think Casa de la Salsa is closed. I need to update again! Have a great time!

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