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Buying a Used Car, Coche, Carro, Carcacha (love you Selena) Part Uno


I have been looking for a (used) car FOREVA. We have one car that we supposedly got because we were having a baby and when you have a baby you need a car, right? Well it turns out that my husband actually thought the car was for him and will rarely give it up without a fight. Now, I have been living here for 9 years and until el niño I was fine with walking and taking taxis almost everywhere. There was also an occasional bus ride or ride from a friend. However, I am not going to get in a (death)cab here without having my baby in a car seat and since the seatbelts in the back seat of a taxi here almost always, well, not there (don’t really know what happened to them) it’s not really an option to try to strap him into a taxi everytime I want to go somewhere. Plus I heard that no taxi driver will stop if they see your butt waiting on the side of the road with a baby and a car seat (or a stroller for that matter) anyway. So, I have been walking him to daycare after my lunch hour (Papi takes care of him in the mornings) in his sling and then picking him up walking home as well. This was actually great when I first returned to work because it helped me to lose all of my baby weight. However, bebe weighs A LOT now and I already had a bad back to begin with. In addition, it’s July in Cancun so you can imagine…especially at midday!

So, back to buying a car. I have mostly been looking on the internet for ads and I have probably seen 20 cars in person, 2 of which actually made it to my husband’s mechanic to be checked-out. The mechanic discovered that the second one had been in a nasty accident (hmmm…the guy selling it never mentioned that and yeah, the mechanic knows his caca). The first one had also been in a small accident (funny, that guy never mentioned that either) but otherwise was fabulous and I wanted it but the guy would not come down from his outrageous price…not even 2000 Pesos (less than 200 Dollars). And so we arrive at what it took me so much blabbing to get to…people here think their cars are worth WAY more than they are. OK, so how do I know how much the cars are worth? Well I look on a Mexican website that is similar to that famous blue book thangy. Let me tell you, mi gente are chargin’ WAY more than the price a dealer should be able to sell it for! The other problem is, people love to put “impecable” in their ad and when they show-up with the car…well let’s just say I hope that word in Spanish means the opposite of what it means in English.

This morning I saw a Volkswagen Polo. It’s a small 4-door sedan. It wasn’t too bad! Inside it actually was “impecable”. On the outside, not so much, but it was decent. They want 65,000 Pesos for it. The price on www.autoplaza.com (that a dealer could sell it for) was about 55,000 pesos. Dude, you aren’t a dealer. The price an individual could sell it for was even less. I asked if we could maybe meet somewhere in the middle…60,000? (The mechanic is going to tell me it’s not even worth that much, believe me.) He said he would think about it and let me know if he could meet us at the mechanic tomorrow morning. I haven’t heard back from him.

Sigh. (More like SCREAM!) My achin’ back…yeah, back to the classifieds.

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