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Buying a Used Car, Coche, Carro, Carcacha (love you Selena) Part Dos


I just have to tell you the latest (and last) about the Volkswagen Polo. OK, so the guy never called me back (really polite, thanks) but I am getting DESPERATE for a car now. Yesterday I was siiiiick, like the kind of sick where you really can’t stand-up. So my husband took el niño to daycare early in the morning and I was on the couch all day. My husband knew I was going to have to pick el niño up at 6pm and walk home with him (remember, no taxis) but he never offered to leave HIS car for me. So when the time came for me to pick him up I had no choice, there was no way I could have walked home with him, so, I did it. Nine months old and I had never taken him in a taxi but I did it. And yeah, we’re both still alive, but whatever, it’s not ok.

So anyway, the Polo, I’m desperate. I decide to call the guy today to ask what happened. (I’m desperate but to be honest I’m also irritated and curious) The wife answers and tells me that her husband wouldn’t accept 60,000 Pesos. I told her that was fine, I never said that was my “last price” (I’m not sure if you can say that in English, that might be my Spanglish). So she gets all happy and tells me she will have him call me. He does, like 3 minutes later. He tells me his wife didn’t want to accept 60,000 Pesos. lol Whatever. He tells me his “last price” is 62,000 pesos. I tell him that if he pays the 2010 tenecias (a ridiculous “tax” here that you pay every year but that buys you nothing) and fixes the (hideous) scrapes on the back bumper I’ll take it (after the obligatory trip to el mechanico of course). He says no, he ain’t fixin’ $&!t. Well actually he just said no, that won’t work for him, but he really meant the other thing. What I said was, OK Gustavo, thank you. What I meant was, good luck selling your overpriced car, you’re gonna need it.

BTW, my back is much worse now from lying down all day yesterday. Crap.

I really need to start posting about positive things! Peace.

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