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Buying a Used Car, Coche, Carro, Carcacha (love you Selena) Finale!


my car 🙂

     I found a car! I found a car! Yay, yippee, hooray and all that! It’s a 2006 Chevrolet Corsa. And it only has 54,000 km (about 33,500 miles) on it. WHEW! Now that’s a load off! The deal goes down tomorrow.

     I probably should have mentioned a couple of the other reasons it has been so difficult for me to find a car. You see, my parents always bought new cars and then took VERY good care of them. When they traded them in they always looked almost exactly as they had when they bought them. My dad’s, probably more like EXACTLY as they had when he bought them (he’s German lol). So I am piiicky. If someone brings me a car and the motor is awesome, yeah, I’m not really impressed if I get in and all of the upholstery is filthy and torn (and believe me, it usually was).

     In addition, the only car I ever bought in my life was brand new. I was living in Chicago and had been taking public transportation for years. I was a manager for a retail chain and they were always moving me around the city and suburbs. The worst was when I had to travel from my apartment in the city to Golf Mill in the North suburbs. That trip included a bus ride, a train ride, and then another bus ride. (And I think that last bus ride was like 45 minutes long.) Try that at 9:30pm after closing. Anyway, one day they transferred me to Evergreen Plaza on the South side (Holla!) and let’s be honest here, if you know anything about Chicago, at that point public transportation was just out of the question. So, I got me a brand new shiny white 1995 Honda Civic. That Civic sure took me places! Now, I am not going to say that I took care of it like my parents had theirs (far from it, I even smoked back then) but there weren’t any headrests missing (Huh?) and the horn worked when I sold it to my friend Wes 5 years later and used the money to pay off my credit card so I could “live the dream” and move to Cancun.

     So I had to lower my standards a little while car shopping here in Cancun, but the upholstery is in great shape and the mechanics says it won’t cost too many pesos to fix the horn.

     I would say watch-out Cancun, but seriously, it’s the other way around.

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