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By the Time I Get to Arizona

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my little traveler
     Baby boy and I are here in AZ with Grammy/Mom. Leave it to me to visit somewhere even hotter than Cancun!
     I usually fly US Airways to Phoenix. They have a direct flight, but it’s been well over 600 bucks for awhile so that was out of the question. For well over 400 bucks I got an afternoon flight (not the best with a baby) and a layover in Denver on Frontier Airlines. The first flight was delayed so el bebe and I had to waste almost 2 hours in the Cancun airport AFTER we were already through security and in the terminal. Unfortunately I am not in the market for Mexican tourist crap, silver jewelry, or a 9 Dollar bag of chips. When we finally boarded I got lucky as there was an empty seat next to us and in addition the lady who was sitting in the third seat switched to the window and let us sit on the aisle. Plus, she loved baby boy! She held him, talked to him, and watched him while I went to the bathroom, twice.  What a nice lady, Anna. Unfortunately baby barely slept during that flight, but he did sit between us with the seatbelt on and eat his whole dinner. So cute.
     Frontier is awesome! There is a little TV in the back of each seat, they give you lots of free fresh cookies, and on international flights you get two free checked bags. However, remember, we were delayed and although I can normally navigate new (to me) airports very well, Denver was confusing! So I ended-up running through that airport (except for when security was testing all my liquids) and got to the gate sweaty and needing to pee. I had to change baby on the floor at the gate and then of course once we boarded we sat on the almost full plane (read: no empty seat next to me) for 10 minutes before we took off because they were waiting for another connecting flight. I didn’t get to pee until Phoenix. Baby slept for a lot of this flight, but half sitting-up on me, poor little guy. I ate a huge Toblerone and watched the little TV.
     I am always a little nervous flying with baby, but surprisingly most people are really nice and understanding. I remember the first time I was going to fly with him I said to my mom, “I remember when I would see someone boarding a flight with a baby and think, I hope that asshole (kidding of course) isn’t sitting next to me.” I told my mom, “Now I’m the asshole.”
     Luckily el bebe is sleeping great here at Grammy’s and has easily adjusted to the 2 hour time difference. Grammy’s condo is carpeted (no carpet in Cancun, too humid) so he can comfortably explore, fall down and chase around (and torture) poor little Spike, Mom’s doggie. Hopefully they don’t think baby looks too “foreign” here in Arizona and ask for his papers.

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