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Living in Mexico Part 4


Thank you for coming to the new site of my blog. If you know about blogging (I certainly don’t) then you will probably know why I moved. If you don’t, believe me, you don’t want to know. It’s boring and you don’t care. 

    Today I want to talk about some of the gross things about living in Mexico. Believe me, you don’t want to see any photos.

     Let’s talk about bathrooms. If you go and stay in a hotel, you will never find a sign that says, “Please don’t throw your toilet paper in the toilet.” That is because it would gross you out. I mean, can you really ask people who are staying at the Ritz Carlton not to flush their toilet paper?

    Well everywhere else here in Cancun, you can’t/shouldn’t flush it. I’ll let you think about just how gross that makes everyone’s bathroom wastebaskets here. In the bathrooms at Walmart the wastebaskets don’t fit on the floor in between the toilet and the stall wall so they sit up high, kinda by your face. GROSS! Needless to say I try not to use the bathroom at Walmart.

     I have heard a couple reasons as to why we cannot flush our toilet paper here. The main one is because the pipes are too small. I still don’t know if that’s why. I don’t really care why. I just wish we could.

     Oh, and just like everywhere else, there are people that like to/have to dig through the garbage dumpsters here. Now think about doing that after what I just told you.

     When I go home to the US, I am always lookin’ for the wastebasket next to the toilet. It takes me a few days to adjust.

     I have one more thing to say about not flushing toilet paper. Please courteously cover!

     In many of the public restrooms or in restaurants, etc. the stalls are TINY. OK, I mean, I know descendants of the Mayan people (read: short) are often building and using these stalls, and I am 5′ 10″, but it is a tourist town too. I have been in stalls so small that I can’t even shut the door if I sit-down.

     Many of the toilets don’t have a seat. You know, the plastic thing that you sit on or lift-up depending on who you are? Sometimes people don’t even have a seat on the toilet in their house. It feels like when I was drunk in college and I didn’t check to make sure the seat wasn’t up and I just sat down (and maybe fell in) except, it’s all the time and I’m not drunk. Usually.

     A lot of the bathrooms here stink (and not because of the wastebaskets). I don’t know anything about plumbing, but it’s comin’ from there. You may even have noticed it in your nice hotel while on vacation, especially on lower floors or in the bathrooms by the pool. Our bathroom at home is nice and clean but if someone hasn’t taken a shower for a few hours the drain starts to stink.

     I hate a stinky bathroom.


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