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Moving to Cancun E-mail Number 4

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And so I began to hunt for a job…

Hi Everyone! I know I keep saying this, but it is so nice to hear from all of you, and I am trying to write you all back!

Yesterday the job hunt began. First, I went to a hotel, Melia Cancun, because they were advertising a tour guide job. I went and they told me that they had enough tour guides, but did I want to sell time shares!? (I later learned this is was a common practice to try to get people into the hotel and try to get them to sell timeshares. Hotels don’t even have tour guides! Anyway, I doubt they have to do this anymore.) Hell no! So, after I left there I went to the Omni to see if my friend Daniel still works there. (I remember I made the mistake of walking down to the Omni because it didn’t seem far. I was in high heels and my feet were killing me and I was sweating like a pig.) Well, he married his Swedish girlfriend and moved to Sweden. So, guess I won’t be working there…I didn’t want to anyway, I really just wanted to say hi and get some advice.

Next, I went to Carlos n Charlies, because I know the manager. (So weird, I had first met him in Puerto Vallarta, then later ran into him on vacation in Cancun.) He wasn’t there, so I had a glass of water and rested. It is HOT during the day, especially when you are running around in nicer clothes. Anyway, I left him a note to tell him that I was living here now, and to ask him about a job.

Last night I went to the school that I want to work for (Harmon Hall) a different one than I had originally thought. They pay more and only have a week of unpaid training, not a month. That went very well! I filled out an application and spoke with the very nice director for a while. BUT, they just finished a training session, and he thinks that they probably won’t need any teachers for another month. BUT, that is OK because this morning my friend from Carlos n Charlies called me, and I am meeting with him this evening. My new plan is to work as a “mopetera” (the dreaded shot girl) for a month or so during the busy Spring Break season, then quit when I get a job at the school. Plus, I can meet a lot of people working there.

Now, I have to tell you about the most interesting part of my day yesterday. I was riding the bus to return to the Hotel Zone, and it stopped and sat for a while. Eventually, they told us we had to switch buses. Don’t ask me why, I think that there was something wrong with the breaks. Anyway, we did, and when we got a couple kilometers from downtown, we got pulled over into this long line of cars and buses, and sat there forever. Finally, a police officer walked through the bus to make sure everything was OK. I asked the bus driver why, and he said there was a “convention”. (Don’t ask me how I understood him!?) Fine. We sat there for awhile longer, and then, everyone had to get off the bus and walk ALL THE WAY BACK DOWNTOWN! It seems that the indiginous (Did I spell that correctly?) (um, no you didn’t) people of Chiapas (a state in Southern Mexico) are here in Cancun protesting (probably would have been better to say demonstrating) and the entire highway was blocked with police officers in riot gear. I mean like 500 police officers all over the place. The president of Mexico, Vincente Fox is here and the protesters (demonstrators) were throwing bottles or something. I don’t think that things like this usually happen here (I later found out they actually do) but it was interesting to see. The people from Chiapas all wear t-shirts as masks and cut the eye holes out. It looks crazy! Anyway, they seem quite peaceful and they have taken over the park behind my building. (I had completely forgotten that they hung out right by where I lived.) They march around chanting and stuff. Well, now that you are all freaking-out….DON’T WORRY! It’s Cancun!

Love, Kristin

I remember not being afraid of this whole protest thing at all. I think I would be now! I felt it was a great story and part of my “experience”. I also remember that I got huge blisters on my feet when I had to walk all the way back downtown in my high heels.

Next time…did I get a job? Where?

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