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Moving to Cancun E-mail Number 5


Reading this e-mail really helped me to remember the fun and excitement of moving to Cancun. It has more detail than some of the previous ones. My first year here (the only year I planned to live here) was so much fun!

Hola de Cancun! (I guess I was practicing my Spanish. haha)

Well, I just did something very un-Mexican! Sshhhhhh! Don’t tell anyone. I just ate at Burger King! Mmmmm, it was good. (yeah I still do that a lot, McDonald’s too)

Anyway, the (temporary) job hunt continues. As you probably remember, since I can’t contact the school until the 15th, I wanted to work as a “shot girl” for a month or so. Well, I am having a hard time speaking with anyone who has any authority. “He’s not here. It’s his day off. He just left. Come back at _ o’clock.” I have no doubt that they are not lying to me, but here things run differently and they are less formal. So, today I went to 4 bars. Señor Frogs (I KNOW…) has their quota of foreigners. I left another note for my friend at Carlos n Charlie’s. I am going back to the other two this evening when the big bosses ARE SUPPOSED to be there. We’ll see.

Stopping by those places should work perfectly for me, because afterwards I am going to go salsa dancing alone. That is, if I can find some shoes that I can wear. I have this weird problem. None of my shoes are new, but they all give me blisters. Maybe my feet are swelling!? I have no idea, but my feet look TERRIBLE and they hurt because every pair gives me blisters in a different place. (Nobody is laughing, right?!) Anyway, I bought a pair of cute, black thongs (not underwear) so that I didn’t have to put band-aids on all of my blisters, so they would heal, and those gave me a blister between my toes?! I wish I could go salsa dancing in my gym shoes and socks.

ANYWAY, I went to the salsa club alone the other night and it was fine. The first time is the hardest, right? I’m sure in no time I will know the Cuban band and everyone who works there. (I was right about that, I got to know that Cuban band and every band after that and then I married a sax player from one of them!) The “gigolos” have already been pointed out to me. HAHA! It is very safe for me to take a bus back and forth, as there are TONS of people out. Jesus told me that the bus is safer than a taxi, so I listened to him. Now I know he is right, because when I left the club the other night, taxi drivers were offering me FREE rides. Yikes, I don’t think so… (um yeah they don’t do that anymore)

Thursday night Jesus and I went to “Carnaval” which is just what it sounds like, a carnival. That was great. There aren’t any tourists, as it is here, downtown. There is dancing, food and drink, rides and games…fun! (I do not think Carnaval is fun anymore. There was a time when they moved it to very close to where we live, and it was so loud and in the morning there would be people lying on the ground passed-out with one shoe on and stuff. I went to see Kumbia Kings play one time too and guys kept grabbing my butt. Nice. Carnaval is pretty much for gross people now.) We found the Cuban tent and I wouldn’t leave. They were playing salsa and had these wonderful Cuban drinks that I had never had. (I think they must have been mojitos?) Even though we have fun, it is harder to go with Jesus because everyone thinks that he is my boyfriend. Guys come and ask him if they can dance with me, they don’t ask me if I want to dance. This has happens everywhere we go.

Today I went to the lavanderia and washed my clothes. It was very easy and it is soooo close to my room.

I hope these aren’t getting boring for everyone! Please tell me if you don’t want to get them anymore.

Love, Kristin

Next time…will I ever find a job?

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