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     It has been awhile since I have spewed my humble opinion about something that’s important to me…so here goes…

     I don’t know much about politics, but I do know that I don’t like them. I am no good in a political discussion. I can’t relate a bunch of history or facts to back-up my opinions, but I do know a few things for sure and nobody is going to change my mind about them.

1) George W. Bush seems like a nice, funny guy who I would probably like personally, but the economy got complete screwed-up under his watch (not to mention a bunch of other crap) and then Barack Obama gets criticized for not being able to fix it in 5 minutes. Those of you who didn’t vote for Obama, ok, fine, but those of you who did, I have no respect for a fair-weathered friend. Give him a minute!

2) I have been saying since before Obama was elected that it was going to be almost impossible for him to get anything done. It’s almost impossible for any president to get anything done (I must point out here that in the last 6-12 months or so he does seem to be getting things accomplished which is great, but many people seem to not notice). The machine that is Washington D.C. politics seems to me like a place where it’s almost impossible to get anything done (yes I realize I am repeating myself but I am trying to make a point here) and everyone is just too concerned about their own interests and not the general good of the country or it’s people. (Ooh, who’s gonna call me a Socialist now? LOL)

3) The media is annoying. All of the opinions being blabbed everywhere drive me nuts. I cannot stand to watch those shows where they have political analysts or politicians themselves arguing about stuff. ANNOYING. And the media (sorry, but especially Fox News) often times just lies. Period. Check out a different news organization here and there? BBC anyone? Many politicians also lie and use fear to accomplish their goals (um, weapons of mass destruction, death panels).

4) The U.S. sticks our nose into all kinds of places it doesn’t belong and then claims we are “helping” and or “protecting”. Haven’t we got enough of our own problems? (poverty, violence, among others) Can’t we solve those first? If you don’t know what I’m talking about and/or you don’t agree, unless you’ve lived in another country, I don’t really value your opinion on this. Go live on the outside for awhile and you will get a whole different perspective on this.

5) I don’t like all the wheeling and dealing. It kinda sad to say, but I learned about this part of Washington on The West Wing. LOL I don’t like the having to give someone something you really aren’t on board with just to accomplish part of what you want. That kind of sums up politics for me…wheeling and dealing. Yuck. I think that many important parts of the healthcare bill were lost because of this exact aspect of Washington.

Before you call me unpatriotic, or any of the other things that liberals are often called, let me say that I love and value my native country, and that is why I am interested in change, and in the truth.

I’ll get off my caja de jabon (soapbox) now. 🙂 PEACE and love.


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