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Looking for a Job in Cancun


     So, looking for a job. I have always hated looking for a job. And I should be immersed in some important career anyway, so looking for a “job” is just plain depressing. You may remember me looking for my first job…


     It has never really gotten any easier since then.

     When I needed to look for my first “real” job after college, I remember being embarrassed to even attempt to use the placement agency on campus. “Um, hi, I have a 2.7 grade point average and I don’t know what I want to do. Do you have the perfect job for me? I am practically an alcoholic as well if that helps at all.” Yeah, never bothered to step foot in that place.

     My first job after college was waitressing. LOL I lived with my parents and did that for about 6 months while I paid them back a little money that I owed them. Then I moved to Chicago (and in with my friend who actually utilized the placement system at MSU and had a real job) and worked in a clothing store with a bunch of nice 70-year-old (And up!) ladies.

     I then landed the first position of my first career, my retail career. I started as a floor supervisor (a glorified salesperson) for DeJaiz (the men’s division of Merry-Go-Round Inc.) in Watertower Place on Michigan Avenue. I quickly moved-up and finally managed a few stores in the Chicago area until I got fired after I had been with the company for four years. I got fired about a month before the entire company went out of business.

     Next I got ahold of the internal job listing from Baxter Healthcare (thanks to my smart and ambitious friend again) and landed a job in the office of a warehouse there. (While I was unemployed he also loaned me the money to join all of our friends on a trip to Puerto Rico and so began my love affair with Latin America.)  I quickly moved up at Baxter as well until I thought “Is this all there is?” and I left my fabulous second career behind and moved to Cancun.

     If you want to read about my job hunt in Cancun, you can check-out those old e-mails, so I won’t go into that now. I got the job I was fired from in October after I moved back to Chicago for three months and came running back down here in 2002. I have always been worried about what I would do when I lost that job. Of course, when I started singing at the Ritz Carlton less then a month later, I loved the irony of how I had worried for all those years and then found a job in less then a month doing what I loved.

     But then I got fired from the Ritz Carlton (http://whatamistilldoingincancun.com/2011/01/05/hitcanned-again/) and once again I found myself in the position of needing employment.

     I got the paper yesterday. That is just plain depressing. There are almost never any good jobs in the classified ads.

     I had an interview a couple of weeks ago. They went on and on about how they wanted an American and then they hired a Mexican. I have my theories about why, but I won’t go into that here. You know, sour grapes and burning bridges and all that.

     I send a couple resumes out by e-mail in response to ads I found here…


      So far I haven’t heard anything back. My intelligence, beauty and wit (LOL) just don’t come through on a resume.

     You’ve gotta know someone. Period. I don’t mean someone has to hand you a job on a silver platter, but you’ve gotta have an “in”. I feel quite confident that if I can get an interview for a job, I can get the job (although that theory has recently been challenged) but if you don’t know about the job you can’t get an interview.

     So, blabbing about this has made me feel better. I complain and get depressed but in the end I always make things happen one way or another. What other choice do I have?

     So now I am going to tell you about something fun, just so I am not a total downer today…my new favorite place to day drink…Las de Guanatos! They have various locations, including one at Plaza de Toros right by my house, but when my friend told me I could get their fabulous mango micheladas AND look at the beach (at Playa Tortugas), well I was intrigued to say the least, and after my interview Papi and I headed there for lunch and drinkies!

Papi drinking his Dos XX at Las de Guanatos at Playa Tortugas.

      Their specialties are “tortas (more or less a sandwich on a baguette) ahogadas” (drowned in yummy sauce) and micheladas.

My mango michelada (two beers and a candy stick) and I. 🙂

      We returned the following week with the friends who were visiting. It happened to be “2×1 Michelada Tuesday”. AWESOME.

     I would recommend this place to tourists or locals. If you don’t like the music, just ask them to change it! I don’t know their busy times or whatever, but on weekday afternoons you will have your choice of seats! (So there’s one good thing about being unemployed…lonely day drinking. HA!)

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