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I Don’t Have Time to Write My Own Blog!

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Why? Because I got a job!

It all happened so fast. On Wednesday January 19th a friend told me about an open position she knew about. On Friday, January 21st I interviewed for it and I started on Wednesday, January 26th!

Guess what I’m doing? I’m writing blog posts. Ha! I am a copywriter and editor for the e-business department of a company that owns hotels and an eco park, among other things. I have already visited their newest resort, Hacienda Tres Rios. Here are a few pictures I took.

The hotel was built on stilts to preserve the mangroves and natural waterways.

A shot from the spa. Thirsty?

Purty flowers.

A stained-glass window.

Chairs. 🙂

Wanna go for a dip?

This is the website for the resort. It’s in the Riviera Maya.


Here is the very first blog post I wrote for work.


Of course, all this work does not leave me much time to write my own blog, but I really enjoy it so I am going to try to make time.

I also sang in The Royal in Cancun hotel the other night. I substituted for a friend. It was supposed to be three of us…a sax player, a drummer and I…they play with tracks. Well for the first time ever, the sax player didn’t show-up! So, I had to sing every single song. We played for an hour, took an hour break, and then played for 30 minutes. It was so much fun! No pressure like in the lobby of the Ritz Carlton and I got to sing with a microphone, and dance, which I didn’t get to do in the fancy restaurant in the Ritz. The woman I substituted for is going to have surgery soon, so I will be subbing for her some more. Hopefully I can get some pictures or a video.

Of course, none of this stuff matters much compared to the most important person in my life…my baby boy! He is growing fast, and says a few words in Spanish and English (but more in English muahahahaha). He is also finally getting his fourth tooth in front on the bottom, so he won’t be “uneven” anymore. Here he is with his very first backpack of many to come…

Mommy, why am I wearing this empty backpack?

He got the backpack at daycare. Some kid had a birthday party and brought a gift for every single child. Gracias amigo! Speaking of daycare, I was very excited when I walked into Malcolm’s sala (classroom in English I guess) the other day and there was Santiago, one of the little boys who he was with from day one in his original daycare. Yay! I’m glad they are together again. They are buddies, or amiguitos I guess.

I’m going out this weekend for my girl’s birthday…mommies’ night out. Watch out Cancun, here we come!

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