What am I still doing in Cancun?

The adventures of an American single mommy working and playing in paradise.

Road Trip! (day one)


About a week and a half ago my friend and I decided that we needed to get the hell outta town so we decided to take our niños (the little ones, the big ones had to work) on a road trip. We decided to go to Akumal, a town more than an hour south of Cancun between Playa del Carmen and Tulum. I reserved a hotel room RIGHT on the beach for one night. We left early Saturday morning and returned to Cancun on Sunday afternoon. No use getting a room for Friday night since we would just have to put the boys to bed as soon as we arrived.

We stayed at a little hotel, Vista del Mar. They don’t even have a website. Lol I got a ground floor room because their balconies were extremely dangerous for a couple of little crazy niños. If we were any closer to the water we would have been staying in it.

Our view from the patio.

They let us check in early (so nice). It is a simple little Mexican style hotel. They do have a coffee maker (bring your own coffee) a small fridge (the kind you had in your dorm) a few dishes in the room (no bowls) and a few movie channels on the TV.

Cama Swans

Little Mayan man, please protect us from bed bugs.

After a little lunch we headed to Yal-ku lagoon. This place deserves a post of its own so I will post about it separately. Here’s a preview…


Yal-Ku Lagoon


When we finished at the lagoon we decided to go check downtown out. What there is of downtown that is. There isn’t really anything downtown, just a supermarket (which isn’t super at all) a couple of tiny food stands, a restaurant, a coffee shop and a few Mexican handicraft shops.  After I bought a homemade ice cream cone and my friend got a new pair of shades we decided to walk to Akumal beach since we kind of planned to go there on Sunday. I guess it’s a great place to snorkel and see sea turtles but obviously we couldn’t do any snorkeling with our little ones in tow. My bebe, who you might remember was afraid of sand last week, headed directly for the water. I started to tell him no (he was wearing dry clothes now) but then I thought, “We’re on vacation…let him go in the water!” And he did.

Here I go Mommy!


Brrr, a little colder than I expected!

Oops, knocked over by a small wave.


Look! A leaf!


He stayed in forever.


I've had enough, get me outta here!

My friend’s son also enjoyed our time at Akumal beach. He threw what seemed like all of the sand that was on the beach back into the water. Lol

Now it was time to head back to the hotel, shower and then go to dinner. We each had to shower with our little ones…no bathtub here. That went well until my poor sweetie slipped on the wet tile and smacked his head on the tile (I know, $hit mom). Luckily he has a very large and hard head.

Then we headed to dinner at La Buena Vida restaurant. I’ll say this, the place looks cool and my friend said her pasta was decent but my burrito sucked and so did her son’s chicken fingers. That’s enough about that place.


My friend's son doesn't seem too disappointed about his chicken fingers.

On the way back to the hotel the boys held hands. It was so cute, we wanted a picture of it.


1st attempt...


2nd attempt...


That's pretty good...open your eyes child! 🙂

Next, it was time for bed for little boys and time for wine on the patio for mommies. Mommies had a lot of fun but next time they should probably drink a little less wine. Well, at least THIS mommy should.





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