What am I still doing in Cancun?

The adventures of an American single mommy working and playing in paradise.

Road Trip! (day two)


Road Trip! (day two)

The hotel provided one portable crib (free of charge) and I borrowed another one from a friend. The boys slept pretty well, but every time one of them woke-up so did I and then I would have to get up and pee (from all that wine and water). It was pretty obvious at 5am that everyone was going to be getting up. Ugh. We tried to look at the bright side…we would see the sunrise.

Here it comes!


And there it is!


It’s never too early to play (and make a mess)!


We couldn’t really leave the hotel and start our day at 5am, so we tried to entertain the boys best we could.


Goofy boys.


Still goofy.


Now they are just stir crazy. Let’s get outta here!


At 7am my little one went down for a nap and my amiga and her little one went for a walk. I tried to sleep but I had drunk two cups of coffee. I have no idea what we did until 11am (we ate some Goldfish crackers at some point) but that’s what time we checked-out.

We headed back to the lagoon because my friend had left her beach towel there…and hooray…they had it! We then began the 5-10 minute drive into town. We had decided we’d spend the day at Akumal beach, but alas, when we arrived downtown and turned around, both boys were asleep!

Sleepyhead #1


Sleepyhead #2

We decided we would drive towards Cancun and go to the beach in Puerto Aventuras or Playa del Carmen.


The chauffeur.

First we tried Puerto Aventuras. Neither of us had been there before so we had no idea what to expect but I assumed it would be similar to Akumal or Tulum. Um, no. It’s a fancy schmancy planned community and everything is salmon colored. We never found a public beach so we headed for Playa which turned out to be a great decision. We parked and walked down the closest east/west street and towards the beach and found the perfect beach club…chairs, tables, umbrellas, food, and beer.


What should we order? I like french fries.


I can’t even remember what time we left. At this point I was only worried about driving home safely as I was very tired and the highway is very dangerous. We definitely had a great time and we are already talking about where we should go next time!

Stay tuned for…Yal-Ku lagoon!


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