What am I still doing in Cancun?

The adventures of an American single mommy working and playing in paradise.

Have you ever met anybody famous? I have!


In fact, I met someone famous just the other day. I was at work and went to get my morning snack, a banana and Japanese style peanuts (Do they have these in the U.S.? They are SO good). As I turned the corner and approached the little food stand, I noticed the normally biotchy woman that runs it was grinning like a Cheshire cat. There was a handsome man standing there taking pictures with people. They informed me that this man, Fernando Carrillo, is a very famous Venezuelan novella (Spanish soap opera) actor. They said, “Take a picture with him!” So I did. Fernando then proceeded to give me a kiss. He smelled very nice. I feel a little giddy.

Slimy Character and I (to be fair he was very nice to everyone that day)

I ran back to the office knowing the other people would want a picture to post on Facebook, but when I told them they were like, “Gross!” Turns out the guy is a bit of a slimy character, my boss compared him to Charlie Sheen. Oh dear!

This isn’t the first famous person I have ever met! I used to work for Merry-Go-Round, Inc. managing Dejaiz clothing stores in the Chicago area. I worked in the Watertower location for a long time and R. Kelly the R&B singer used to come in there once in awhile right after his first single came out. This was before all of his issues and dirty laundry became public information. I think he lived in the projects down the street. He never bought anything.

One time when I was working in the same store, the group Shai came in. They are most famous for their song If I Ever Fall in Love. They sang it a capella for us!

I even met Oprah. When I was in high school my mom got tickets to her show in Chicago. After the show everyone got to meet her. I just stared at her with my mouth open.

The numero uno, bestest meeting of famous people in my entire life was when I met Public Enemy (PE #1). In case you don’t know who Public Enemy is, they are rap pioneers and in my opinion the best rap group in the history of hip-hop music. My best friend and I went to see them at the House of Blues in Chicago (We had seen them previously at The Riv as well.) I had decided that this time I was going to find a way to meet them, so after the concert I headed to the door that seemed to go backstage, showed them my Public Enemy tattoo and asked if Chuck D would sign his book for me. They let me in! I waited around for awhile and first met two other members of the group, Flava Flav and Professor Griff, and after awhile (and a lot of non-discreet laughing by some black folks directed at me). They called me into a small room where I got to meet Chuck D! He let me know that he noticed I was in the front row and knew all of the words, he signed my book, and he said my tattoo looked great. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and headed home to call my college friend. It was the middle of the night but he was still excited that I had met Chuck. I wish I had a picture of Chuck and I instead of one of the greasy Venezuelan soap star and I.

The numero dos, second to bestest famous person I met was my very favorite salsa singer from Cuba, Issac Delgado. In fact, I got to meet him various times because he was living in Cancun for awhile. The best time was when he was at Mambo Cafe, a salsa club here in Cancun. It was the first time I ever saw him in public. I ran over and gave his wife the camera (yeah, a little disrespectful but in my defense I was tispy and sorry but she has to share him with his fans), gave him a big hug and she took a great picture. My husband does not like this picture. I wish I could share it but like most of my great pictures, it was taken on film and I don’t have a scanner. boo

I met, well didn’t meet but got very close to, a very famous Mexican pop singer, Gloria Trevi. I saw her on a flight, and I thought it was probably her, but I knew it for sure when we were smushed together on the bus from the airplane to the terminal (don’t forget, this is Mexico). I could see her perfect skin (we are the same age but her skin looked 18 years old) and her immigration form. It said Gloria Trevino. She is a very famous singer with a scandalous life. They call her the “Mexican Madonna”.

I wonder who the next famous person I meet will be. Jennifer Lopez was just here filming a video at Chichen Itza.  I love me some J-Lo but unfortunately I didn’t get to meet her when she was here.

Have you met any famous people?

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