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Moving to Cancun E-mail Number 14


Easter Weekend the first year I lived here…sounds like a lot of fun to me! I know I sound like a broken record, but I have photos of a lot of this weekend…and no scanner. Booo!

Oh! If I could only be independently wealthy and live here without working! Last weekend gave me a taste of
that life…

On Thursday I spent the day doing laundry, coming here to the internet cafe, cleaning my room, grocery shopping, etc. so that I could have the rest of the weekend free.

Thursday night Bety and I went to see a Cuban guy we know sing in this hotel near our building (I still know him, he called me about an audition a few weeks ago!) and after that we went to a place which is also close that also has a band from Cuba (Do you see a pattern emerging here?). (I guess so, since I ended-up marrying a Cuban musician!) Another Cuban guy we know came with us. I think (cousin and two friends who are coming to visit) will like this place. It is upstairs and it is under a huge palapa with no roof! I wouldn’t want to go there when it was raining though… (This was Melao, a place where I ended up spending A LOT of time. I was there many times when it was raining. When it stopped raining they would mop the floor and everyone would get back to dancing. Years later, they enlarged the place, then they changed owners…you know the story…it was never the same.)

The next day Bety and I went to Isla Mujeres, a small island very close to Cancun. (You may have heard of it? ha) I have been there before and I love it. The boats were packed with Mexican families on Easter vacation. We took the huge car ferry back. That was interesting, they had a band (if you want to call it that) and everything. The saxaphonist (How do you spell that?) (I know how to spell it now as my husband plays sax.) was so old we were afraid that he might not make it back to Cancun alive. Anyway, that day we just laid on the beautiful beach.

That night, Friday, we went to Mambo Cafe, my favorite place to dance Salsa. We went at 10:30pm and stayed until 5am!? (Sounds exhausting and I’m afraid to think about how much I drank during that period of time!) We then went with our friend who sings at another club, Azucar, to his apartment to have breakfast, which turned out to be beer. Betty and I left there at 7:30am, went home, took a shower and left for Cozumel. I know…I can’t believe it either… (I had forgotten all about that “breakfast”.)

BUT, I slept on the bus, and again on the beach, and again on the boat returning. Anyway, I did like Cozumel, although it is quite similar to Playa Del Carmen, just on an island. (Now I wouldn’t say they are similar at all.) Bety and I rented a moped, which was really fun, and went to this park that her boss had gotten us tickets for. I hated it. I was hot, tired, and they had that “swim with the dolphins” thing which I think is terrible. (Sorry to any of you who have done it.) Bety didn’t like the place either so we took a LONG moped ride to the end of the island. We didn’t realize that it was about 30 kilometers. We wanted to go to the beach at Punta Sur, the southernmost point of the island. Unfortunately on arrival we got a big explanation and an offer of a tour. We only wanted to go to the beach! We finally found our way to the beach and it was gorgeous. We went swimming and received a warning from the people that it was very dangerous, so we stayed very close to shore. Then we slept. I wonder why we were so tired?

We got home from Cozumel and got ready to go to Azucar. Our friends could not believe that we had shown-up, as they had slept all day! Afterwards we went back to Mambo Cafe (AGAIN!?) so I spent most of Easter sleeping.

Oh yeah, now I remember why I don’t want to be independently wealthy and just live here without working…I would be dead in a month!

I hope you all had a nice Easter.



Ah to be a young alcoholic again! I doubt I would survive a weekend like this now.


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