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Another Visit to the Doctor


It has been four weeks since my accident.

This is what I have been wearing 24/7 since a couple of days after it happened.


I even have to sleep in this thing.

Friday I got another x-ray done of my shoulder and took it to the doctor. Although my arm is hanging a little lower than it was before he said I am doing well. He said that this particular problem can be solved with physical therapy. The fractures are healing pretty well, but he is a little concerned about the one on the top of my arm bone. (I am not using the technical terms here because do you really feel like looking this stuff up?) Note the small piece sticking up off of the top of my arm bone. That is where he believes (fingers crossed) my rotator cuff is still attached and it really has to heal completely so that when I start physical therapy my rotator cuff doesn’t tear that piece right off. Nice thought. I do think it looks like it’s healing compared to the old x-ray.


old shoulder/arm x-ray

new shoulder/arm x-ray

He instructed me to start pendulum exercises today. They don’t hurt, which I suppose I should take as a good sign. I will see a physical therapist this Friday.

I also started the process of trying to get free physical therapy through the Mexican public health system for working citizens and residents (IMSS). I thought it was going well. I easily got a Saturday morning appointment and when Saturday came I only waited about 15 minutes to see my family doctor. The idea here is, you first see your family doctor and they refer you to the specialist you need to see, in my case, an orthopedist. My family doctor said I had to have a blood test in order to be referred to the orthopedist……OK? So she gave me a paper to take to the lab, informed me that I would need to make another appointment with her when I had my results, and sent me on my way. The receptionist outside of her office said that the lab starts taking appointments at 8 am, but not until Monday.

So yesterday morning my generous amiga who is helping me with my son (and my bra) picked me up even earlier than usual and we headed to IMSS. She dropped me off and went to park the car. After I almost fell down on the slippery pavement (!) I found the lab and waited in line. What luck…there were only 2 people in front of me! When it was my turn I gave the lady my paper. She grunted something and pointed to a sign on the wall which seemed to state the hours during which appointments are available. I told her I didn’t understand. She explained (and not in a very nice way) that I had to come back during those hours (10 am-1:45 pm) just to MAKE an appointment. Ugh. I knew better than to ask if she’d make an exception.

I don’t even want to do my physical therapy at IMSS, but now I’m just plain old curious to see exactly how long it takes me to actually start treatment. Besides, like I said, it’s free, so I at least have to check it out.



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